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August 27, 2013 ~ Eating Buterflies

on August 27, 2013
Unsure Kitty

Unsure Kitty

It turns out that Teagan, (and Ashlin), like to eat butterflies.  Really!

Not real butterflies, but tri-color bow tie pasta.  Looks like butterflies.  Enough that they ended up giggling about it as they wolfed down dinner.

I was late to get home, so Stu picked up the girls.  Teagan, who is going to have a nice black eye to match her sister, asked what was for dinner.  Stu replied “butterflies!”  Teagan did not believe him – she’s too smart for that!  She said that she’s had them, and didn’t like them.

“Where did you eat butterflies, sweetie?”

“Day care.  I eated them at day care.”

“Ok, that’s good, we’re going to have moths!  You haven’t had moths before, have you?”


Supposedly, during this interchange, Ashlin was chattering about something she saw out the window.  Stu didn’t think she caught on until they got inside.

Teagan was very unhappy, not wanting to eat butterflies.  As they head into the kitchen, she starts crying.  With tears.  “Dada, I don’t want to eat BUGS!” she says when asked.  Oh.  Poor baby!  Daddy is totally joking with you.  He has a strange sense of humor sometimes.  You’ll eventually like it.

So, Stu shows them the cooked pasta, and Teagan tries one.  Ashlin goes “red one!” and tries that one. “Yum!”  Teagan said “Yum!” too.

The girls had butterflies with cheese for dinner.  As I walked in to the kitchen, they both are laughing and yell to me about how they’re eating butterflies!  “Buhflies, mommy! Yum yum!”

So fun.

11 responses to “August 27, 2013 ~ Eating Buterflies

  1. Kathy W says:

    LOL….good way to get them to eat something they “don’t like”. Good job, Stu!!! Black eye???

  2. Stu says:

    Yes, black eye. Ashlin was crawling under the slide at daycare and stood up before she was clear of it and bumped her left eye and it has now gone purple. The very next day Teagan fell off the playscape at daycare and bumped her left eye. It’s currently pink, but will probably be nice and colourful soon.

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