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August 17, 2013 ~ Swim!

on August 17, 2013

Today, we were invited to go to a pool by one of Teagan’s friends at day care.  One who is going to a pre-school after the summer.  Sigh.  It’s not going to be fun here in a few weeks.  But today?  Today was fun!!

Both girls were a bit (ok, very) tentative when we got there.  Big pool.  Lots of (strange) people.  But eventually, we were able to prod them towards the pool steps.  Then into the water.  After a bit of play, Ashlin let me take her in.  After a bit more Teagan finally let Stu take her too.  They had fun.  Both were brave and joyful.

Big pool, jumping, kicking, faces in water and blowing bubbles.  Blowing soap bubbles after they got too cold in the water and had to come out and warm up in the sun.  A little ice cream as a treat for being brave and being such good girls.

More swimming.

Both girls were a bit troublesome as we got home, but they were so tired!  No real issues getting them down for bed – early!

They said we could be guests at their club again.  I’m hoping we get another chance before the summer ends.  Such a good day.

Hi mama!

Hi mama!

Bubbles with dada

Blowing bubbles with dada

Ready? Steady? Go!

Ready? Steady? Go!


2 responses to “August 17, 2013 ~ Swim!

  1. Kathy W says:

    It’s great to cool off like this!! And fun when you’re invited to a ‘big’ pool :-) Glad the girls had fun and hopefully will have the chance again before all the ‘hot’ days are gone. School is starting here tomorrow, so lots of buses, traffic ,etc to watch for. Be safe and happy school days to your girls.

    • lisasff says:

      Thanks!! We’re hoping we get one more day like that at our friends club. Both girls really warmed up to the pool and the water after a bit.

      School starts here soon too… I think. I’m still not quite in the loop. T’s friend has another two weeks before she’s not at the day care full time. :(

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