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August 12, 2013 ~ Amusement Park!

on August 12, 2013
Sea Serpent #amusementpark

Sea Serpent

While we were on vacation we went to Morey’s Pier one afternoon.  Stu had to stay back and work, so thankfully, my friends and their awesome (!) kids helped out with the girls.  Ashlin is still a bit too short – two inches!  boo! – for a lot of the rides, but she decided she wanted to go on the Waltzer ride, a sort of tilt-a-whirl.  K said she’d go on, as Teagan wanted to go and the worker said she’d need a “responsible adult” too.

I’m not sure either girl really enjoyed the ride, but no one complained during the ride.  Ashlin would occasionally smile, but she’s a hard nut.  She has one expression on all the rides, one of deep concentration and you’re not really sure if she likes any of it.  As our car was slowing down, Ashlin signed “all done” and said no more, but as we were walking back to our friends, she asked to go on again.  Go figure.

Yes. I took them on the tilt-a-whirl. Ash wanted more!  #amusementpark #goof


Teagan asked to go on a roller coaster.  We had to go to a different pier to find one for her.  Her roller coaster, the Doo Wopper, was a bit bigger than she was ready for.  But I’m so proud of her! She was a bit scared, it did go up three stories, and had very sharp turns. But she never freaked out, never even asked to hold my hand. I started a game for the hard corners, “woaaaaahhhhhh,” warned her about the up and down bits, and she ended up doing ok. Granted, she didn’t want to go on again, but still, ran to tell dada all about it and give him a high five!

You're too young to drive! #amusementpark #jeep


What's over there? #carousel #amusementpark

On a carousel

Other than the Carousel, we were able to get Ashlin on the Crazy Bus and some small car ride.  They wouldn’t let her go on the swings!  Crazy!  She can at our local park.  Not sure why they were so strict on the height, but whatever.  I think we could have gotten them both on the Ferris wheel, but neither of them wanted that.

I got to go on a roller coaster too – the Sea Serpent.


Though the backwards bit wasn’t quite as fun as the forwards bit.


7 responses to “August 12, 2013 ~ Amusement Park!

  1. Kathy W says:

    FUN!!! Haven’t been to an amusement park or ‘fair’ in ages….and rides are not my thing anyway. :-) Don’t do roller coasters at all. Glad the girls were able to ride some of the rides. Sounds like a fun time just being there and watching them.

    • lisasff says:

      It is fun watching them. On the Tilt-a-whirl I got a bit dizzy as I was watching them so much, then looking out for my friend. Changing sights like that so quickly seems to do me in now.

      We went to the local place Saturday, and let Ashlin pick which rides she wanted. LOL!

  2. Kris A says:

    They did a great job! And the Sea Serpent freaked me out backwards too.

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, there’s something about the backwards! Riding a train backwards doesn’t bother me, but this? Still, it was FUN!

      I’m impressed with how well they did with that “grown-up” ride. Just wish Ashlin could have done a few others, even the swings. She loves the swings.

  3. Stu says:

    Ashlin is just hilarious on rides. She sits motionless just flicking her eyes from side to side like some kind of cartoon villain, no expression on her face and no outward show of enjoyment. Then the ride ends and she goes “AGAIN! AGAIN!”

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