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July 29, 2013

on July 29, 2013

Unwell peanut

Look how small she seems in that big bed.

We spent Saturday night at my parents’ house and tried putting Teagan into the sofa bed upstairs.  She didn’t feel well, and wasn’t sleeping well. Stu asked if she wanted her princess bed back – the inflatable mattress – and she jumped at the suggestion.  So, we moved her downstairs.

She slept better down there, I think.

In the morning, she was just a little off, but not enough for us to notice.  At lunch time, when she said she wasn’t hungry, we pushed her to finish the little chicken and potato salad on her plate so she could have some birthday cake – I asked for ice cream cake for my birthday!  Cake and ice cream all in one?  Awesome!  She kept pushing her food around the plate, not really eating anything.

By the time everyone else was done, we said that if she didn’t finish she couldn’t have any of the cake.  She looked at me, put a piece of chicken in her mouth and started chewing.  Then I watched her throw up.


I’m such a wonderful mom.


Today she woke up a bit punky.  Just a little lump.  No fever, nothing really specific.  She did say that her “pee” was broken.  She must have gotten a bit dehydrated the day before.  We pushed water and fluids.  Stu stayed home with her.  She cried the first time she tried to go to the bathroom and couldn’t.  But not too long after that attempt, she went again and shouted for joy, that it worked!  She could pee again.  Stu said that she did that every time she went after that.  LOL.

I do hope she feels better tomorrow.  I hate seeing my little peanut under the weather.


4 responses to “July 29, 2013

  1. Kris A says:

    Hope she is better!!! I am glad her pee is fixed!

    • lisasff says:

      Stu said she was much better by the end of the day. Not that she was that bad, in the first place. She was just “not herself.” I’d hate for her to be bad wile we’re away.

      So glad her pee is fixed. I was hoping that a bit of water would help…

  2. Kathy W says:

    :-( Sorry she had such a day! Sometimes it’s hard to say what ails us…and when they are that small, it’s even harder for them to tell us what bothers them..especially when there is no fever, etc. The dehydration can sneak up really fast. Glad you guys are alert and all things ‘came out’ in the end. ;-)

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah. And this is the second or third time ever that she’s puked. She doesn’t really know what it’s like. I’m sure it totally caught her by surprise.

      She was so sad when she said she couldn’t pee. I’m glad it was just a bit of dehydration, and that drinking fixed it. I did not want to have to take her to the doctor. :(

      She’s doing MUCH better today, off at day care. Stu said she cried when he told her she couldn’t go yesterday.

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