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July 17, 2013

on July 17, 2013
Sister snuggles

Missing these smiles

This week, I’ve been missing my girls.  A lot.  Work has required that I leave the house either before or as they wake up in the the morning, and then not be back until after bed time.  I miss Stu too, but at least he’s awake when I get home.  Twelve hour work days are not fun.

Monday, I got quick, snotty kisses from them before dashing out.  I was 20 minutes late to the command center.  I ended up getting home after then were both tucked in, so no snuggling at all while watching Peppa Pig.

Tuesday, I took the time to brush Ashlin’s hair and chatted to Teagan for a minute before leaving.  Again, 20 minutes late. I tried to get home early enough to make the end of bed time, Stu kept them up late, so got to see them for a little bit.  Long enough to get a big hug or two from Ashlin and to brush Tegagan’s teeth – she gave up her bedtime books to watch a bit of Dora.  I missed out on Ashlin reading books.  On the way into day care, Ashlin read to Teagan and Stu:  “Ahum um hum hum.  Piggy pancackssssssssssssssshhhh.” Lots of words have a “sh” sound at the end, a la Sean Connery.  She would hold up the page to show the picture.  Next page:  “Ahum um hum hum hum.  Piggy.  Pancakessssssssssshhhh.”  I love when she reads books out loud.  I’m sorry I missed this.

This morning Teagan was up early.  When she heard the alarm, she came and snuggled with me for a little bit.  Ashlin didn’t wake until after I left.  Today, I was only 15 minutes late.

I’m hoping to get home in time for books, pre-bed snuggles would be even better!  Stu told me that Ashlin was having a hard time.  She was pretty down on Monday when she didn’t see me.  Everytime the iPad sounded out the Pot Noodle horn as I got a text, she shouted “Mama’s heeeeeeerrrrrrrr!”  Stu told her no, but she insisted “Yesss!  Is.”  Last night, she barely touched her dinner.  When asked, she looked up sadly at Stu and said “Mama no home.”  Bottom lip quivering.  Gah.  Stu gave her extra snuggles and an extra book.

I really miss those little moments.  The quick snuggle in bed before the day begins, the winding down snuggle on the sofa watching something on Nick Jr.  Reading books.  Tickles.  Listening to Teagan tell about her day, or tell one of her stories.  Her bizarre pre-school illogical stories.  Her laughing so hard she hiccups for “Knock, knock… Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”  Watching her make Ashlin laugh, and then laugh so hard she sounds like a chicken and begs for relief.  Then as soon as she catches her breath, asks for more.

This weekend is Girls’ Weekend, and I’ll be away.  Again.  Fingers crossed the girls do well…  That Ashlin does better.

I am going to miss their giggles:

4 responses to “July 17, 2013

  1. Kathy W says:

    awww….not fun to be away at those times of the day when they look forward to those times as well. It can’t last forever and maybe next week you’ll get to hear the reading, giggles and most of all enjoy the snuggles. {{{{Lisa}}}}

    • lisasff says:

      I got home early enough for some snuggles and books. Teagan saw my car in the driveway and cheered in the car – two cheers for mommy! Ashlin gave me a big hug and kiss, then her head exploded and she only wanted daddy, but couldn’t stop looking at me.

      Still, I got books and snuggles and it was good.

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