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July 10, 2013

on July 10, 2013

Happy. Sad

So, this happened today.

Saturday, there was an accident in Ashlin’s seat, that might not have been as bad if we hadn’t been stuck in post-firework traffic.  We had to wash the seat cover, and so pulled her chair out of my car.  Unfortunately, we only remembered late Sunday, and the cover wasn’t dry Monday morning.  Stu took them in his car.

Tuesday we took his car.  We hadn’t put the cover back on the seat.  It was kinda nice, I was able to knit on the way to work!

Today, Stu dropped them off in his car on his way to work.  Around 4:30, it looked like he’d be stuck at the office a bit late, so I dug up the manual and switched the straps to be front facing.  It was already out and in pieces.  I had been putting it off, she’s still such a peanut with a gigantic noggin.  But every time I take her in my car she begs to be in Teagan’s front-facing seat.  I guess she is tired of not seeing where she’s going, and sitting criss-cross apple sauce.

We’ll flip Stu’s seat soon, I’m sure.

Teagan was happy for her sister, for this achievement, but she was also very tearful.  I’m not sure why, it could be the rain, the fact that they used green pen on her day sheet and not blue, that the squirrel didn’t stay to chatter at her…  It was a fun evening, though pre-bed snuggles were still happy and good.

Oh, and I got one strap done for Teagan’s car blanket…  Seed stitch with a button hole!




10 responses to “July 10, 2013

  1. Kathy W says:

    Another milestone for Ashlin!!! Sorry T’s mood was so tearful…probably just tired and tomorrow will be a definitely better day. The strap is great.

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, Teagan was a bit difficult, but did eventually even out. Not sure how to get her to sleep more, she’s usually down before 8 and is always up around 6:30. No naps make Teagan a cranky baby.

      Ashlin was a bit dissapointed to be in Stu’s car this morning looking back, not front. He may turn her seat faster than planned. LOL!

      My baby is getting big!

      And thank you! Both straps are done… now to sew on the buttons and be done! Woo woo!

      • Kathy W says:

        :-( for cranky T….She’s afraid she might miss something if she naps. :-) You are going fast with your knitting. Good for you.

        • lisasff says:

          Thank you. I figured out something today, so I feel pretty good.

          Teagan has always been too nosy for her own good. She was up this morning before 6am. :(

  2. Stu says:

    “We’ll flip Stu’s seat soon, I’m sure.”

    Yeah, I’d like to face forward too.

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