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June 26, 2013

on June 26, 2013


Look! A stack of square ones!

These will be for Ashlin’s blanket. I need to pin them together and sew them all up! Then, figure out what to do for a border. I may not get them sewn together until the weather is a bit cooler. We’ll see.

There’s no rush. She’s still in her crib.

For now.

4 responses to “June 26, 2013

  1. Kathy W says:

    Pretty colors. Yes, making them all then sewing together sounds like a plan. Busy work while watching tv at night. Cooler weather or not :-)

    • lisasff says:

      Yup! Finishing all the rounds of a color before moving onto another color… If its not too hot, then having all that yarn in your lap isn’t bad. But when it’s hot? Ugh.

  2. Kris A says:

    IS your A/C not working? This week has been beastly!! Nasty storms too.

    • lisasff says:

      It has been a rough week! I love t-storms, so have been enjoying those. The girls are pretty good too, or sleep through them, so they haven’t been too bothered.

      As far as the A/C, we’ve had it set pretty warm, so it’s not too cool in the house… We may change our minds soon though!

      Also, having a warm and snuggly blanket on your lap seems very counter-intuitive in hot weather :D I have no problem holding off on finishing it until the weather is a bit cooler. I have a ton of smaller projects in the queue that I can work on in the meantime.

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