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June 14, 2013

on June 14, 2013
Note for the girls

Note for the girls

The other day Stu had to work in Jersey.  When he does, he leaves super early and always leaves a note.  Once Teagan started recognizing letters and her name, he added a section for her.  Even though Ashlin doesn’t quite understand, he added her in too.  Teagan recognizes Ashlin’s name, so Ashlin sees Teagan’s joy and laughs too.

This was the note he left for us this week.

When I read it out to the girls, I follow the words with my finger, hoping they realize that each grouping of letters is a word.  A word that they will remember, and be able to read on their own.

Teagan’s section is almost always a reminder to be good, to behave for me, for day care.  A wish that she help her sister.

Ashlin’s bit is usually some encouragement, a request that she listen to her sister, to her teachers.  She was very proud that dada wrote to her about potty training.  As I read the bottom, she asked to kiss the paper. So sweet.

After reading this week’s note out to the girls, showing them their parts, I put it down.  Teagan picked it up and started picking words out.  I asked her if she remembered what the x’s on the bottom meant.  Of course she remembered.  “They’re kisses!  Kisses from dada!”  She traced them again, and said “I can feel the kisses.”

My heart melted.  Again.

I love that he always makes me coffee. :)



10 responses to “June 14, 2013

  1. Kathy W says:

    He’s a great dad and husband!! The fact that he makes coffee puts him HIGH on my list too.
    :-) Love the ‘feeling the kisses’….They will get a lot from those notes (p.s. mom, save for later reading, like in 15 years ) Way to go, Stu!!!

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  3. […] June 14, 2013 (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

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