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June 14, 2013 ~ Sunflower Garden

on June 14, 2013


Today I cleared out the bed on the side of the house. I also trimmed some rose bushes and other tree-type things. LOTS of pruning today. It felt good to tidy up the yard a bit.  The weather has been so bad, so rainy, and we’ve been so busy, so much traveling, that we got behind. I wanted to do the sunflower patch for the girls again this year.

So, I loped, pruned, weeded and tilled.  Soon enough, there was dirt under my fingernails and a few thorn wounds on my hands.

The girls were both excited to start the sunflower patch, even though Ashlin doesn’t really know what that means.  There’s no way she remembers last year’s flowers, even though they made her smile every time she saw them.

The bed was ready, I had eight seeds left over from last year.  I grabbed one glove for each of them and a shovel.  Teagan was a bit unhappy that it wasn’t her pink princess shovel, but she was more than happy to dig with it anyway.  They were both a bit distracted, slightly unfocused when putting the seeds in the holes I made.

Ashlin wanted to go first, I gave her a seed and told her what to do.  She must have thought it was like feeding the fish and just dropped her seed into the grass.  Yikes!  We only had eight!  Thankfully, I found it and showed her what to do.  She did great on the other three.  Teagan needed a bit of coaxing as well, but we got them all in.


Watering Rocks

The watering pail was a bit too heavy for them, so I helped them water the seeds in.  Ashlin had so much fun that she wanted to keep watering things.  She watered the rocks clean.  Helpful little thing she is.

Teagan really wanted to dig and look for bugs and worms.  She’s fascinated.  Stu and I are thinking of getting her an ant farm.  We’d keep it somewhere downstairs, not in her room, and let her watch them as much as she wants.  All without her sitting in a nest or in the mud.


Digging for bugs

8 responses to “June 14, 2013 ~ Sunflower Garden

  1. Kathy W says:

    Such great ‘helpers’, they are. Watering the rocks HA HA let me know how they grow!!! I look forward to the sunflowers as well. I might have mentioned that I ‘captured’ a pic I use for my desktop sometimes. The ant farm??? Outside on the porch?? I was always afraid that the unforgiving thing of breakage in the house would happen so it was regulated to the garage and/or on the porch in the shade.

    • lisasff says:

      He he he. Helpers? Well, until their interest wanes, anyway. You did tell me that you have a picture that you use as wallpaper, I’m touched that you still have it. I think the ant farm would be a great idea, but I do worry about having so many insects in the house. We know that it definitely wouldn’t be up in her room! LOL! We will be inheriting a fish tank in a bit, so maybe that will distract her.

      • Kathy W says:

        The fish tank sounds like the ‘better’ of the two. If it breaks, you’ll just have water and flopping fish….easy to clean up. BUT with ants, well I’m sure you’ve already determined that scenario. HA HA…

        • lisasff says:

          Ashlin’s class is working on pets v wild animals. The other day they asked what kind of pet she wanted, and she said “goldfish!”

          • Kathy W says:

            There you go…..fish sound so much safer for the two of them. not to mention the parents. :-)

            • lisasff says:

              Yes. and maybe a hermit crab instead of ants? She’s just so into the ants, sits on the driveway as often as she can to look at the hill that’s there…

              • Kathy W says:

                ah, yes she watches them because she has nothing else to distract her??? :-) Maybe the fish tank will..
                Ants have always fascinated me too. I still watch them on a lazy summer afternoon….but not too close here since most of the ants are ‘fire ants’.

                • lisasff says:

                  Maybe. She loves watching pill bugs and centipedes and caterpillars. She’s been so engrossed in watching the ants she didn’t realize there were a bunch crawling on her and biting her. She didn’t listen when I said they were red ants and she should be careful :(

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