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June 7, 2013

on June 7, 2013
2013 06 bouncy castle

Always with the tongue out

Last weekend was very busy and lots of fun!  A party on Saturday followed by Sunday afternoon at an amusement park.  Ashlin, our little peanut, had a big weekend, too.  Especially for her.

Saturday, she came to the party too, and finally overcame her fear of the bounce house.  Well, as long as there weren’t too many big kids and I went in with her.  With me sitting inside, her courage grew and grew.  She had so much fun that she didn’t want to get out.

The lure of cake (it’s still Happy Guthrie cake, hah!) finally convinced her though.

2013 06 bouncy castle

mmmmm… cake

Without thinking, Stu and I put them in a chair together.  Oops.  We put them in on the wrong sides, they were banging elbows and just generally getting in each other’s way

2013 06 bouncy castle

Wrong side

It was better once we switched them around.

2013 06 bouncy castle


After the cake, Ashlin went back in the bouncy castle, and had more fun.  It was almost like watching her grow as she bounced.  At least her personality.

Sunday was amusement park day.  Ashlin was game for everything – the motorcycles (more please), the flying elephants (more!), the swings (again!), carousel (bunny, again?), balloon ride (all done), pirate ship (whatever), and caterpillar train (more!).  The only thing that really scared her was the pirate show.  I was really proud of how well she did on all the rides.  There was only one that she didn’t want to go on again, the balloon one, and that may have been because she was sitting across from Stu instead of next to him.

The pirate ship she was just a few inches too short, but they let her ride with her big sister.  And Teagan was very protective of her.  Teagan was amazing too, she had no fear at all.  Teagan wanted to go on everything, no second thoughts.  The pirate ship that scared her so much they had to stop the ride last year was old hat for her.  She sat on every seat of that ride – inside, middle and end.  The roller coaster, that she only did once last year, she got off and ran to get back on line to go again.




Hands up!


Flying Elephants


Drum love

Such a good weekend, so much fun!

4 responses to “June 7, 2013

  1. Kathy W says:

    How fun!!! It is a joy to see the smiles, little red cheeks, and the look of pure excitement on their faces. I didn’t realize that the girls were ‘opposite’ handy….:-) That was a huge piece of cake they each had and looked totally awesome. Glad the fam had fun together.

    • lisasff says:

      It was a hot, but fun day! Both girls really loved the rides, once you got past the one Ash didn’t want to do again. LOL!

      Ashlin is going to have issues in this left-handed house. And the pieces of cake the birthday boy’s dad served the girls were bigger than their heads! They couldn’t eat half of them, though Teagan did a good job eating all the icing off!

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  3. […] June 7, 2013 (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

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