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June 27, 2013


Lookie! Basil!! The parsley may also be sprouting up, but it doesn’t look quite as awesome! I can’t wait!


June 26, 2013


Look! A stack of square ones!

These will be for Ashlin’s blanket. I need to pin them together and sew them all up! Then, figure out what to do for a border. I may not get them sewn together until the weather is a bit cooler. We’ll see.

There’s no rush. She’s still in her crib.

For now.


June 21, 2013

'Shroom!  #mushroom #garden


I got a bit of time to play in the garden today. I tried to clear one of the front flower beds, set the Belgian blocks that we got to line the bed with, pull out some of the red root around the autumn olive.  I got most of the way to the olive, which needs a big and hard prune.

Walking to dump the weeds into the forest behind the house, I saw this lovely little ‘shroom.  There were three or four little patches of them there.  At least two different types.  The purple ones were a bit smushed.

I checked on the sunflowers, there’s one more seedling that’s sprouted up.  Fingers crossed that there’s at least one more tomorrow!

I also pulled out the poison ivy that was impinging into a section of the back yard.  Poison ivy isn’t one of the plants I’d like to keep in the garden, especially where the girls may wander.

The day was finished planting some basil and parsley seeds in some pots.  Hopefully the first day of summer isn’t too late in the season to start those by seed.  Container gardens with fresh herbs are wonderful.  I never seem to keep basil alive inside over the winter, no matter how I pamper the pants.  Nor parsley.

Dirt therapy is wonderful.

 Purple One!


June 20, 2013



I love the garden.  I do try to get out as much as I can.  Not that I get to do all that much, a given, but it’s still fun.  And overgrowing.  Can you see how many black-eyed susans I’ll have soon?  I wish the wisteria would bloom, it hasn’t since we’ve moved in.

Hidden astilbe

Hidden astilbe

The bed under the kitchen window needs a lot of attention too. Though there is this lovely astilbe tucked away.



The hydrangeas are just starting to bloom. They are such a lovely shade of blue.

little suns

little suns

I planted this moonbeam coreopsis when we moved in.  There may be enough now to separate and move into a gap.  So cheerful!

Water lily

Water lily

Look!  The water lily is growing!  It’s not the floating flower, but the reddish leaf just to the bottom left of the flower.  (That flower is a float to help you find the plant if need be, before the flowers show up).  We put that in a week or so ago.  And there’s a bonus blurry fish!

Speaking of growing plants…



One of the sunflower seedlings is up already!! Teagan was so excited to see it, too. She had a good time watering the patch, and wanted to know why there weren’t any more. I told her that one was here early :D


June 17, 2013

I'm not sure if I will get my blanket back. #sisters #love #crochet


Today I had to work late so Stu picked up the girls.  As he was gathering all their art and papers and things, the teachers talked about the girls’ day.  Ashlin did great pottying, Teagan was very good at nap time, though she asked to have her hairband taken off because her ponytail was bothering her.  (I had asked/instructed/warned her to keep it in all day.  We put her hair back in the morning, and she comes home with it down and all knots and full of food and icky things).

Yay for both of them!

On top of that good news, they also told Stu that one girl would call over the divider for the other.  Then they’d run up to the half-door that separates the two’s from the pre-schoolers, and give each other a kiss.  One girl would initiate then a little bit later, the other would start it up again.

Tonight after dinner, they snuggled up to watch some Max and Ruby and share my blanket. They held hands when it thundered.

So sweet.  I love that my girls love each other.



June 14, 2013 ~ Sunflower Garden



Today I cleared out the bed on the side of the house. I also trimmed some rose bushes and other tree-type things. LOTS of pruning today. It felt good to tidy up the yard a bit.  The weather has been so bad, so rainy, and we’ve been so busy, so much traveling, that we got behind. I wanted to do the sunflower patch for the girls again this year.

So, I loped, pruned, weeded and tilled.  Soon enough, there was dirt under my fingernails and a few thorn wounds on my hands.

The girls were both excited to start the sunflower patch, even though Ashlin doesn’t really know what that means.  There’s no way she remembers last year’s flowers, even though they made her smile every time she saw them.

The bed was ready, I had eight seeds left over from last year.  I grabbed one glove for each of them and a shovel.  Teagan was a bit unhappy that it wasn’t her pink princess shovel, but she was more than happy to dig with it anyway.  They were both a bit distracted, slightly unfocused when putting the seeds in the holes I made.

Ashlin wanted to go first, I gave her a seed and told her what to do.  She must have thought it was like feeding the fish and just dropped her seed into the grass.  Yikes!  We only had eight!  Thankfully, I found it and showed her what to do.  She did great on the other three.  Teagan needed a bit of coaxing as well, but we got them all in.


Watering Rocks

The watering pail was a bit too heavy for them, so I helped them water the seeds in.  Ashlin had so much fun that she wanted to keep watering things.  She watered the rocks clean.  Helpful little thing she is.

Teagan really wanted to dig and look for bugs and worms.  She’s fascinated.  Stu and I are thinking of getting her an ant farm.  We’d keep it somewhere downstairs, not in her room, and let her watch them as much as she wants.  All without her sitting in a nest or in the mud.


Digging for bugs


June 14, 2013

Note for the girls

Note for the girls

The other day Stu had to work in Jersey.  When he does, he leaves super early and always leaves a note.  Once Teagan started recognizing letters and her name, he added a section for her.  Even though Ashlin doesn’t quite understand, he added her in too.  Teagan recognizes Ashlin’s name, so Ashlin sees Teagan’s joy and laughs too.

This was the note he left for us this week.

When I read it out to the girls, I follow the words with my finger, hoping they realize that each grouping of letters is a word.  A word that they will remember, and be able to read on their own.

Teagan’s section is almost always a reminder to be good, to behave for me, for day care.  A wish that she help her sister.

Ashlin’s bit is usually some encouragement, a request that she listen to her sister, to her teachers.  She was very proud that dada wrote to her about potty training.  As I read the bottom, she asked to kiss the paper. So sweet.

After reading this week’s note out to the girls, showing them their parts, I put it down.  Teagan picked it up and started picking words out.  I asked her if she remembered what the x’s on the bottom meant.  Of course she remembered.  “They’re kisses!  Kisses from dada!”  She traced them again, and said “I can feel the kisses.”

My heart melted.  Again.

I love that he always makes me coffee. :)




June 12, 2013

This morning’s ride to day care was fun!

Gotta love it.  Stu taught her a song that his dad taught him.  And then she adapted it!  My goof.

Ashlin wanted in on the singing too!

ABC’s are still her favorite song.  She dreams about the ABC’s, it’s her first request.  Yesterday when Stu asked her what she sang at day care, she bellowed ABC’s.  When asked if she sang anything else, she offered up ABC’s.  He asked if they sang BINGO, nope, ABC’s.  Wheels on the Bus?  Nope.  ABC’s.  Itsy Bitsy Spider (which she likes too) was also met with a nope!  ABC’s.

They’re both silly girls.

Cheese and peppers!!!


June 11, 2013


So big!

So big!  My baby has gotten so big, almost overnight.  Or at least over the past week.  She’s now working on potty training, and though she’s a bit hit or miss now, she’s interested and trying.  As we did with Teagan, she gets her reinforcement in the shape of a mini-marshmallow.  Yesterday, she earned three marshmallows.  True to herself, she also asks for a high-five, or fives, as she says.

This morning, she walked into day care, proud as a peacock.  As soon as she stepped into the room she threw her arms wide and bellowed out “Ashlin pee pee potty!  Marsh-a-mallow!  Fives!”

I love how she says marshmallow:

Today, again, three marshmallows, which she decided to trade in for a dum-dum lollipop.  I was hoping to make her count out the marshmallows, one at a time.  I love how she says marshmallow.

So proud of her.  A bit sad that some of the last bit of my baby is going away.  But so proud of my little peanut.

Also, it will be nice to not change diapers any more.


June 7, 2013

2013 06 bouncy castle

Always with the tongue out

Last weekend was very busy and lots of fun!  A party on Saturday followed by Sunday afternoon at an amusement park.  Ashlin, our little peanut, had a big weekend, too.  Especially for her.

Saturday, she came to the party too, and finally overcame her fear of the bounce house.  Well, as long as there weren’t too many big kids and I went in with her.  With me sitting inside, her courage grew and grew.  She had so much fun that she didn’t want to get out.

The lure of cake (it’s still Happy Guthrie cake, hah!) finally convinced her though.

2013 06 bouncy castle

mmmmm… cake

Without thinking, Stu and I put them in a chair together.  Oops.  We put them in on the wrong sides, they were banging elbows and just generally getting in each other’s way

2013 06 bouncy castle

Wrong side

It was better once we switched them around.

2013 06 bouncy castle


After the cake, Ashlin went back in the bouncy castle, and had more fun.  It was almost like watching her grow as she bounced.  At least her personality.

Sunday was amusement park day.  Ashlin was game for everything – the motorcycles (more please), the flying elephants (more!), the swings (again!), carousel (bunny, again?), balloon ride (all done), pirate ship (whatever), and caterpillar train (more!).  The only thing that really scared her was the pirate show.  I was really proud of how well she did on all the rides.  There was only one that she didn’t want to go on again, the balloon one, and that may have been because she was sitting across from Stu instead of next to him.

The pirate ship she was just a few inches too short, but they let her ride with her big sister.  And Teagan was very protective of her.  Teagan was amazing too, she had no fear at all.  Teagan wanted to go on everything, no second thoughts.  The pirate ship that scared her so much they had to stop the ride last year was old hat for her.  She sat on every seat of that ride – inside, middle and end.  The roller coaster, that she only did once last year, she got off and ran to get back on line to go again.




Hands up!


Flying Elephants


Drum love

Such a good weekend, so much fun!