What to muse about today?

May 28, 2013

Ready for my close-up!Teagan’s imagination is becoming quite, uh, colorful?  Interesting?  She’s telling more and more elaborate stories.  The other day we passed a fire truck on our way home.  She told us that if you touch the side of the fire truck, it would open and inside there’s a box. When you open the box, there’s fire inside.

Just tonight, as Stu was putting her to bed, she came up with another one.  Trying to nudge her to a better behavior, Stu asked her if princesses were naughty.  Of course, he expected her to say no, they weren’t.  She decided not to be lead, but to be contrary.  As she always does with me.  Teagan told him that some princess are naughty.  When Stu asked who, she said that Snow White is naughty.  That she wakes up in the morning, gets out of bed, opens the window, then farts on the birds.

Stu burst out laughing.

My beautiful princess.

You gotta love her.