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May 20, 2013 ~ Bed!

on May 21, 2013

Brobee waitsIt was a crazy weekend! Saturday was filled with a jumpy party for Teagan, while my dad and I were converting her toddler bed into a full size, big-girl bed.   I was hoping that we’d be able to get the job done before they got back from the party, but well, snafu.  We were missing a few (8!) essential bolts.  I think they were in the box when we initially put her crib together four years ago, and then were packed away some where safe, only to be moved and finally misplaced.


Needed her snack cup and sword to try her new bed!We ended up cannibalizing the no-longer needed sides and borrowing some slightly redundant ones from the headboard, (which will be replaced ASAP!).  Three hours later, (!), we were finished.  Mom and I put the bedding on and then called down for Teagan.  She rushed upstairs and was ecstatic when she saw the stars, the pink, and Brobee waiting for her.  We need to get her a step stool, this new bed is a bit high.  Much taller than her mattress that was on the floor!

She slept well in the big bed the first night.  She looked so tiny!  I did need to push her back to the middle when I went in to check on her.  She’s promised not to jump on the bed, nor use the side rail as a step to get up and in.  Unfortunately she now can turn on her overhead light all by herself by standing on the foot of the bed.  We need to take off the chain extender I have on it now.

I can’t believe she’s gotten so big.  It’s a bit melancholy, but awesome at the same time.  She’s so happy to have her bed.She is in there. So small.


13 responses to “May 20, 2013 ~ Bed!

  1. aww that is so cute! she looks like the princess and the pea, climbing up to bed! bet she is so snug! xxxx

  2. Kris A says:

    If she keeps teetering towards the edges they do make bed rails that slip under the mattress. They cover about 2/3 of the bed so she can still get off/on at will. You probably saw them at our house with either Katie or Thomas.

    • lisasff says:

      She really only was the first night. Sunday and last night were pretty good.

      I totally remember the rails on Katie’s bed, I couldn’t get them to go down! LOL!

  3. Perfect for a Princess. She’s a big girl now!

  4. Kathy W says:

    Whoo yooo Teagan!! You’re in a big girl bed!! Those pictures were so cute. It looked like I might need a step stool as well. I like the high beds, but don’t like to ‘fall’ out of them. I sometimes get right on the edge of mine and really think I’m falling out. HA HA and mine is considered a ‘low’ bed. (old age thing). She’s such a princess indeed and deserves all the pinkness and pampering she can get. Love it.

    • lisasff says:

      We’ll be getting another stool today! Yay! we’ve been leaving her “name” stool in her room by the bed, and are short a stool in the bathroom now… and since Ash is thinking about potty training, it’s just easier to have two.

      She hasn’t fallen out yet, but she does move around in her sleep. Every night I find her in a funny position, as some of the pictures on the flickr/instagram show. I was joking with Stu that I should take a picture and make a post of all the different sleeping positions. LOL!

      • Kathy W says:

        You should!!! It would make a great collage for her wall….or for a scrapbook later on. I’m glad that she is adapting to the transition. And yah for Ashlin ‘thinking’ about potty training. :-)

        • lisasff says:

          He he he… I’ll see what I can do!

          Ashlin is working on it. some days are better than others… she’s still a bit young, so, we’ll see :D

  5. How sweet, they do look so tiny in a big bed for the first time, good that she has taken to it so well.

    • lisasff says:

      Thanks! It’s been a few weeks now, and she still looks so tiny when I go in and check on her. She’s now fallen out once during her nap today… or so she said, though I think she may have been playing around.

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