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May 20, 2013 ~ Birthday!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

My little girl turned four on Sunday.  I can’t believe she’s so old, so big already.  She’s become quite the little person, a story teller, bug inspector, singer.  Her imagination is boundless, and sometimes perplexing.  She’s fast to laugh, which is wonderful.  A bit too quick to cry, which is not quite as good, and is getting better.  She gets so excited about small things – opening her window in the car, a bumble bee, ants, wiggly worms, finding a rock, tickles.  When she laughs, her true laugh and not the forced one, it’s one of the best sounds.  She still will snuggle, sometimes in the morning, but more often at night after dinner before bed.  The snuggles are great.  She shares – usually without prompting – with her sister, they hug and kiss every night before bed.

We had her party on her birthday, and we had it at the park.  So many of her friends seemed to be having their parties at bounce houses – which are awesome! – we chose to do something different for hers.  Outside.  It wasn’t supposed to rain, but it did.  There was also a bit of last minute craziness, as the invites for her day care friends didn’t make it to the parents.  Oops!  Still, half were able to make it, she has good friends at day care.  Her other friends also made it!  Even with the less than stellar weather.

She asked for Strawberry Shortcake cake for her birthday.  How could I not oblige?  We also had strawberry cupcakes, with strawberry icing and rainbow sprinkles.  We had rainbow balloons.  I didn’t tie two up well enough and they floated up into a tree.  Oh well. Teagan told me she still had a purple one and Ashlin still had a yellow one.

Birthday girl with her flower piñata

Birthday girl with her flower piñata

We had a piñata, which made her so excited!  And it was a flower!  Mama, a flower!  I got one that you pull open instead of hitting.  The kids are still a bit too young to be swinging sticks around blindfolded!



Everyone grabbed a ribbon or two and pulled!  Unfortunately, it didn’t open up, so I had to help.



Even though it didn’t work right, they still loved it.  And the whistles and candy inside :)

We had kick-balls, airplanes, horseshoes and Frisbee.  The kids ran around with animal hats, which they got to keep.  They also got to leave with one of the balls and a balloon.  Yay balloons!  Everyone loves balloons.

moar beez?

moar beez?

Ashlin had a good time, dipping chips (to her knuckles!), eating macaroni and cheese, and cupcakes!

Everyone who said they could be there was there.  And they stayed and played, and ate, and had fun.  We even had a few people that stayed longer.  Teagan has good friends!

When we got home, she took a two hour nap in her big bed.  A two hour nap.

It was a very good day.


May 20, 2013 ~ Bed!

Brobee waitsIt was a crazy weekend! Saturday was filled with a jumpy party for Teagan, while my dad and I were converting her toddler bed into a full size, big-girl bed.   I was hoping that we’d be able to get the job done before they got back from the party, but well, snafu.  We were missing a few (8!) essential bolts.  I think they were in the box when we initially put her crib together four years ago, and then were packed away some where safe, only to be moved and finally misplaced.


Needed her snack cup and sword to try her new bed!We ended up cannibalizing the no-longer needed sides and borrowing some slightly redundant ones from the headboard, (which will be replaced ASAP!).  Three hours later, (!), we were finished.  Mom and I put the bedding on and then called down for Teagan.  She rushed upstairs and was ecstatic when she saw the stars, the pink, and Brobee waiting for her.  We need to get her a step stool, this new bed is a bit high.  Much taller than her mattress that was on the floor!

She slept well in the big bed the first night.  She looked so tiny!  I did need to push her back to the middle when I went in to check on her.  She’s promised not to jump on the bed, nor use the side rail as a step to get up and in.  Unfortunately she now can turn on her overhead light all by herself by standing on the foot of the bed.  We need to take off the chain extender I have on it now.

I can’t believe she’s gotten so big.  It’s a bit melancholy, but awesome at the same time.  She’s so happy to have her bed.She is in there. So small.