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May 17, 2013

on May 18, 2013

Teagan’s Selfie

Today we had our first parent teacher conferences. Day Care let me schedule both girls back to back at drop off. It worked out perfectly! After the seemingly endless hugs and kisses the girls ran off for breakfast – they had pineapple! – and we settled into (big) chairs at a table behind a divider.

Other than a few blips, both conferences went well. Teagan knows her letters, shapes, numbers, can write her name. Usually. She needs to want to do it, to focus on it, but often loses her focus. More often than not at day care, there’s something to pull her attention away. She loves to color, do art. Her pictures are detailed and creative – she even included her freckles when she did a self-portrait. A possible solution to her bad nap time behavior may be to have her color after she gets bored reading books to herself. Her teachers say she’s very smart, but easily distracted. Teagan was the first of her classmates to complete a sequencing project, (a rainbow!), and asked if she could color it in. She’s outgoing and quick to make friends. My sweet baby.


Weaving a web

Ashlin is much like her sister, outgoing and empathetic. She’ll hug everyone as they come in, and as they leave. She made some parents feel better about dropping off their kids as she ran up to hug the crying children, trying to make them feel welcomed. Ashlin is also very smart, knows all her colors, most of the letters and can count to 11 (which she pronounces “luvyoo”). She’s the youngest in the class, and also the smallest, but is right up there with the rest of the kids in her class. Outside, she’ll run laps with them, and although she falls behind, she never gives up but keeps plugging along. Although she’s a little peanut, she has no problem being physical with her classmates. I’m sure the nightly half-naked wrestling matches with her sister at bedtime prepped her to roughhouse with her classmates. The teachers would like her to be a bit more interested in potty training. We’ll do what we can there :D

All in all, good things. We learned a bit about each girl, saw how others see them, how they interact with their teachers and their classmates.

In preparation for Teagan’s 4th birthday, we bought her bed last night. She’s getting too big too fast. They delivered it this morning! Crazy fast! We’ll be swapping out her crib mattress for the full tomorrow, once we get the toddler bed frame converted. She doesn’t know yet…

Also, they both love the “Hamster Dance” song. Save me.

10 responses to “May 17, 2013

  1. Kathy W says:

    What a great report you all got!! Of course, we knew that. :-) I’m thrilled that they both seem to be adjusting to ‘life’ outside of home life. It’s hard when you want to protect them from everything, but still want them to know what’s coming down the line. The teachers seem to be really good in assessing both of the girls. I’m glad that the nap behavior has seen some progress. You go Teagan…keep being creative. I loved the freckles, but am wondering about her ‘beard’ HA HAHA . And Miss Ashlin, the caregiver. That’s wonderful that she wants to make the crying children ‘feel they belong’. Keep that always, Ashlin, the world isn’t always hugs and kisses. Love you guys.

    • lisasff says:

      No beard!! That’s her shirt! She was wearing a blue shirt and tan khakis that day!

      She’s been pretty good lately… no really big issues. So they have the idea of coloring tucked away for when they need it. And Miss Ashlin? Well, she’s going to be a handful, though a sweet and tender one, when she really starts…

      • Kathy W says:

        :-) I kinda knew that was her shirt, but couldn’t help but make a funny comment. I’m glad that coloring does keep her ‘calm’ and can be used when the teachers need it.

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