What to muse about today?

May 13, 2013

Wow. Where has the time gone? It’s been so busy lately, and whatever free time I’ve had has been spent with some yarn. The non-sick free time, that is. I was laid low for about a week with some fatiguing tummy bug.  Good side was that I lost six pounds in a week.  Shame that once I started eating again too much came back.  Oh well.

I did finish the shawl I was working on, and was able to block it in enough time to give it to my mom on Mother’s Day:

blocking the shawl

Blocking the shawl on the dining room table

Blocking really helped the shawl – the detailing really came out once I pined it on the table.  I cheated a bit, and used a towel under some gingham material that was clamped to the table.  It worked wonders.  I would have liked a bigger checker pattern, but they didn’t have any material at the store when I went.  The smaller grid will work, it’ll just be a bit more difficult to block too.

I am almost done with the straps on Ashlin’s car blanket.  I should finish tonight.  They even have button holes!  Once that’s done, I’ll move on to either Teagan’s car blanket or the one for Ashlin’s bed.

More tomorrow, once I get this car blanket done.  I really want it to be done.  There’s also a draft or two that need fleshing out, finishing…