What to muse about today?

April 18, 2013

Today I had to drive to a the jersey campus for a meeting.  Instead of the usual 40 minute or so commute, it’s an hour and a half to two, depending on the traffic.  So, perfect time to surf Sirius radio stations.  Alt Nation, Classic Rewind, Classic Rock, First Wave, Kids Place and Lithium (or something) are on the first six buttons.  What?  Yeah, I have Kids Place programmed.  When they have music on, the girls enjoy it.  Anything that soothes the raging beasts in the car is fair game.

Anyway, Alt Nation was playing angry boy music (or something screamy), so I click down.  Classic Rewind had on bad Dire Straits, Classic Rock had on bad Tom Petty, so, Kids Place is next in the down button.  And they were playing…



It’s like I got Rick Rolled by the radio.  Well, not exactly.  And I like that song, so it wouldn’t have been that bad.  But the Hamster Dance?  Really?!?!?!?!?!  I thought I had escaped this evilness.  I haven’t stumbled upon that song in years.  Years.

Anyway, that combined with the crazy drivers made the drive to Jersey a fun time.


P.S.  They did play “Love My Family” by the Roots.  It almost made up for it.