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April 8, 2013

on April 8, 2013
#birthday #cupcake   Yay!


There was another celebration for Ashlin this weekend. He he he. I think that makes three parties, for turning two years old.  Sounds about right.  We always joke about how birthdays last an entire week.  And so they should!  And there should be cupcakes.

Ashlin had a very good time with her friends here, coloring with chalk, eating pizza and chips and cupcakes, swinging on the swings, playing with balloons.



Thanks to Aunt NayNay, we were able to go to the zoo on Sunday.  Both Ashlin and Teagan had a great time.  Ashlin was was very excited to see all the animals.  We went into the Research Center and got to see a legless lizard, some baby aligators (or were they crocodiles?  I forget).  Chomp chomp!  Ashlin would point to each as we told her what they were.  She was intrigued by the bearded dragons, I think because they didn’t look like the ones in Mike the Knight.

As we wandered through the zoo, Ashlin would greet each animal as we came up to them, calling them by name, sometimes adding their sound. “Hello goat!  Meh meh!”  Then as we walked away, she would tell each “bye bye.”  It was so sweet.  “Hello monkey! Ooh ah ah!”  I think her favorite area was the farm area, with the loud cow, the piggies – ick! – and the chickens.  And ZOMG!, her head whipped around when we told her there were sheep.  Baa baa!

When we got to the lynx, Teagan bounced like a rabbit after hearing that that’s what they ate.  She bounced up to the fence in front of the tiger, who stopped pacing to look at her.  Like she was a snack.

We may have only been there a couple of hours, but it was a good time.  Ashlin has never been so aware of the animals.  Teagan was great walking through the zoo, only taking one or two short rides on the sit n stand, listening well, being a very good girl.

It was a very good weekend!

Quack quack!!

9 responses to “April 8, 2013

  1. Lovely photos of happy times :-)

  2. Kathy W says:

    :-) naming and then making the sound of the animals!!! What a treat. Being 2 is fun. And yes, birthdays should last all week….but as we grow older, it becomes harder to do. (Especially when they fall around holidays as mine does 12-23. :-( However, having birthdays is fun regardless of the age!! Love the pictures as well. You know I so enjoy reading about your family. {{{{Lisa}}}}

    • lisasff says:

      You have an entire season!! LOL!

      And thank you! We had a really fun time going through the zoo, both Teagan and Ashlin had a lot of fun, and we did watching them. :D

  3. Kathy W says:

    And enjoyed the cute videos too. ;-)

  4. Kathy W says:

    oh, and also saw the spinnin’ one of Teagan….just wanted to know what Ashlin was doing in the background. HA HA

    • lisasff says:

      Tee hee hee! She was checking out the giant cow. I have pictures of her sister standing under the cow, not needing to duck one year, then the next, she could barely stand under it at all… lol

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