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April 1, 2013 ~ Car Talks

#goof with #bunny ears


This morning when Stu drove the girls into day care, he and Teagan had one of those talks.  One that when you hear about it, you really wish you had been there too.  This morning, it was scientific.  Teagan told Stu that there were two types of worms that come out when it rains.  One type the birds like to eat.  The other is a wiggly worm, but this one has feet.  The wiggly worms feet are so tiny that you can’t see them because they’re so tiny.  If you do see the feet, don’t tickle them! If you do tickle the wiggly worms’ feet, they will suck your bleed [blood].

Her mind works in the strangest ways, sometimes.  And often, blood is involved.