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March 29, 2013 ~ Birthday Girl

on March 29, 2013
Cool birthday girl. With snot.

Cool girl

Look at her.  She’s so big!  She’s two now, and I’m amazed at how quickly she’s gotten this big.

She’s become quite the little personality.  In height only, not size.  Like her appetite, her personality is super-sized.  Tonight at her birthday pancake dinner, the waiter was impressed at how much of the Grand Slam she put away.  (One big pancake, half the eggs, half the hash-browns, one sausage, chocolate milk, and one pancake pop).

She has so many words and loves putting them together.  Sentences.  Many of her words end with a -tch, Russian sounding.  Animals?  She has them down, and their sounds too!  Reading?  She’ll read a book to you, if you ask her just the right way.  She loves giving hugs, and must hug everyone at the day care before we can leave at night.  She hugs them all hello too!

She has little fear, going down slides and giggling for more before her bigger sister finds her own courage.  Swings are still a big treat, and she will ask for more tickles and raspberries.  Then ask you to stop, barely getting those words out before she asks for “more, please!!!!!!”  Sometimes she does get scared, crowds, loud noises, strange people.  When she does, she’ll cling to you, asking to be picked up, to hold your hand.  That simple act seems to give her strength and she’ll end up running off to play soon.  She’ll also ask to hold hands when she’s tired.  Maybe that small comfort helps her relax to sleep.

She loves music and will dance dance dance.  Yo Gabba Gabba and Fresh Beat Band are two of her favorite shows, though Steve and Blue and Timmy rank up there too.  She thinks Steve and Blue live in a house on our walk.  She and her stuffed Foofa will sit next to each other on the sofa (foofacouchtch!) and watch a show before bed, usually while she holds her giant strawberry or her tiny sheep.

If she hurts you or anyone, usually by mistake, she’ll apologize, saying sorry while making the sign on the person she’s apologizing too.  Then she’ll give you a hug and a kiss.

She’s quieter than her sister, but not quiet.  She will sit and watch, planning, plotting.  She’ll let Teagan get into trouble and while we’re distracted she’ll dive off the sofa/chair/slide.

This little person has changed our lives.  Love her so much.  Happy birthday baby, mommy loves you.

She's two tomorrow!  How did that happen??

7 responses to “March 29, 2013 ~ Birthday Girl

  1. Gray says:

    Happy birthday, little one! She’s ADORABLE, and I say that from a mother’s perspective. My little one just turned 12 on March 17th, so I can fully appreciate how quickly the time must be moving for you.

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you! It’s amazing how much she’s changed in so short a time. I can’t imagine her – yet – at 12! Wow. It really is just a blink, isn’t it?

  2. Happy birthday Ashlin!! You are growing up so fast :-) I’m really happy to hear you like hugs. Here’s a big birthday hug from me :D Avis x

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you, Avis. She needs to slow down!! if only for more hugs! Though, I do love that she has to come back for at least a second one, and a kiss, before she leaves in the morning.

  3. Kathy W says:

    Glad you posted the additional pictures to see the progression she had made into ‘maturity’ at age two. The descriptive write up gave me a sense of following her growing up in a ‘speedy’ way. Even though I’ve read your blog from day one with Ashlin, she seemed to GROW UP all in one page. :-) Happy Birthday, Ashlin…you have a remarkable mom and dad who love you dearly and are proud of you as they are your sister, Teagan. You girls have some great things waiting for you in that family. Hugs to you all.

    • lisasff says:

      Thanks. I’m glad I was able to share some of how she’s changed, how she is. She is totally full on fun so much of the time.

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