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March 16, 2013

on March 16, 2013

Since yesterday, there’s been a lot of attempted knitting going on. During naps, while the Fresh Beat Band or Wonder Pets help distract the girls. While last night the accomplishment was actually casting on (two needles) and maybe getting a row or two done (right handed!) today was spent doing lots of things left handed. All in all, I tried three different needles, and three different styles, most both left and right handed.


Right-handed English

Last night I couldn’t get the hang of casting on. It was easier to do a two needle cast on versus the slingshot/long tail version. Still, I was able to work a few rows of knit stitch.  Some of it could be due to the worsted yarn and a US6/4mm needle.  When I changed to the larger needles (US11/6.5mm), it was a bit easier.  By the end of the night I knew I couldn’t really keep going on right handed, though everyone said I should try to learn that way, it would be easier in the long run.  So…

Today, I switched to left-handed.  Figured out the slingshot cast on.  Tried English left-handed (easier!), Continental (both hands) and Eastern European (left-handed) methods.  There’s not much difference between the Continental and Eastern European other than the direction the needle starts the stitch.  Both use a “left hand” hold (or, for me, right hand!).

Ok. Right to left is better. Slingshot cast on. Just need to figure out which is better - English, Eastern European or continental?  #knit #yarn #learnnewthings

Slingshot. Left-handed English

Left handed continental. I like this except for the start of the stitch front to back. Could be just tension or familiarity. It works better somehow than English. #knit #learnnewthings

Left-handed Continental

I’ll be switching back and forth between Eastern European and Continental, just to see which works better for me when going back and forth between knit and purl stitches.  Eastern European is most like crochet like hook work and yarn overs.


25 responses to “March 16, 2013

  1. Lori says:

    Lori G* commented on your post.

    Lori wrote: I don’t knit and that sounds like a whole new language. : )

  2. Colleen says:

    Colleen D* G* commented on your post.

    Colleen wrote: I like to knit.. I don’t have time right now.. and I don’t know how to Crochet.. looks great..

  3. Looks great to me. Whatever works best for you, go with it and enjoy :-) Avis x

    • lisasff says:

      Thanks! Knit stitch feels pretty good now, but purl just messes me up, I end up adding loops to my needle somehow. And the edges seem too “soft” and undefined somehow compared to crochet. I need to sit with someone who knits, I think. :)

      • I suspect you are not taking the stitch you have “purled” off the needle before inserting into the next stitch. Maybe a Youtube video will sort it for you :-) Good luck!

        • lisasff says:

          Thanks! I’m sure you’re right. YouTube doesn’t seem to have quite as many left handed knitting videos as crochet. Lol! I have a knitting friend coming over this pm and work with quite a few. I’ll be asking them too. I don’t understand why purling seems so complicated.

  4. Nina says:

    Nina commented on your post.

    Nina wrote: Looks good. Even. Maybe 2 bobbles on 1st 2 rows but that mean it isn’t perfect, not that it isn’t good. ;)

  5. Kathy W says:

    Yeah, what she said. HA HA…that was all Greek to me!! But I’m sure it made much more sense to those who knit. And you must be doing something right, as you have made some glorious things. BTW.. my laptop died and I’m not on a new one…with Win8 and not sure about anything. Lost some data, bah….but hopefully nothing REAL important. ;-)

    • lisasff says:

      Glad you’re back. Hopefully you didn’t loose too much!

      • Kathy W says:

        Still having glitches….usb port wouldn’t work yesterday. Took it back, it worked there. working now. ????? Hate that. :-)

        • lisasff says:

          Gah! So annoying! I HATE when you can’t duplicate an issue/problem. Hopefully it was something loose, and it’s all better now.

          • Kathy W says:

            shhhhhh……:-) it’s still working. And I’m not too sure about Win8. I’m ‘unsure’ of using apps. I can’t even to that on my phone yet. H A HA HA HA

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