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March 12, 2013

on March 12, 2013
Progress!  #scarf #grannystripe #homespun by @lionbrandyarn


I learned a difficult lesson last night.  I had finished my scarf, sewn in the ends.  Done.  It was a bit shorter than it should have been, but I still had to do the hat, and needed to have yarn for that.  The hat I started yesterday at lunch and I finished last night.  Once done with that and the flower that goes with it, there was at least half a skein of yarn left over that I could use to lengthen the scarf.  Yay!  I looked at the scarf and couldn’t find the top end.


I studied it, tugging at stitches, looking for the woven in end, the right spot to snip to unravel the edging to lengthen it the proper way.  Eventually, I thought I found it, picked up the scissors and cut.  As I worked the stitch out, it seemed to take more work than it should have.  After a bit, it came.  And along with it the starting chain.


I guessed the wrong end.  Stitches don’t unravel well from the wrong side.  I had to snip the other side and unravel it from there, but there was no way to just do the border, I had to do it all.  I have no idea how to fix work from the foundation.  I’m sure there’s a way.  But I ended up frogging it all.  The scarf will work up quickly, again.  And I don’t have many projects queued, so… Do over!


16 responses to “March 12, 2013

  1. Verónica says:

    You were brave to try to loosen up one end!

  2. Oh no!!! I’ve done this myself before :(

  3. Aaargh!! I’ve done this too :-(
    And the moral of that story is…..knit the hat first ;-) I learned the hard way. Enjoy knitting it up again. Avis x

    • lisasff says:

      So annoying!! I’m sure I could have found something to do to “fix” it, and not need to frog the entire thing. Another morale? Don’t weave in ends too quickly! LOL!

      I got a third of the way through last night, so it’ll go quickly!

  4. Kat says:

    :-) I think that does go with the adage of ‘live and learn’! I agree with OST to start with the hat next time. And I’m glad that the do over won’t take you long. That’s nice. I reallly do like the color too. Great job!!! Twice.

  5. aw, that sucks. The scarf in the pic is bee UU tiful =)

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