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March 29, 2013 ~ Birthday Girl

Cool birthday girl. With snot.

Cool girl

Look at her.  She’s so big!  She’s two now, and I’m amazed at how quickly she’s gotten this big.

She’s become quite the little personality.  In height only, not size.  Like her appetite, her personality is super-sized.  Tonight at her birthday pancake dinner, the waiter was impressed at how much of the Grand Slam she put away.  (One big pancake, half the eggs, half the hash-browns, one sausage, chocolate milk, and one pancake pop).

She has so many words and loves putting them together.  Sentences.  Many of her words end with a -tch, Russian sounding.  Animals?  She has them down, and their sounds too!  Reading?  She’ll read a book to you, if you ask her just the right way.  She loves giving hugs, and must hug everyone at the day care before we can leave at night.  She hugs them all hello too!

She has little fear, going down slides and giggling for more before her bigger sister finds her own courage.  Swings are still a big treat, and she will ask for more tickles and raspberries.  Then ask you to stop, barely getting those words out before she asks for “more, please!!!!!!”  Sometimes she does get scared, crowds, loud noises, strange people.  When she does, she’ll cling to you, asking to be picked up, to hold your hand.  That simple act seems to give her strength and she’ll end up running off to play soon.  She’ll also ask to hold hands when she’s tired.  Maybe that small comfort helps her relax to sleep.

She loves music and will dance dance dance.  Yo Gabba Gabba and Fresh Beat Band are two of her favorite shows, though Steve and Blue and Timmy rank up there too.  She thinks Steve and Blue live in a house on our walk.  She and her stuffed Foofa will sit next to each other on the sofa (foofacouchtch!) and watch a show before bed, usually while she holds her giant strawberry or her tiny sheep.

If she hurts you or anyone, usually by mistake, she’ll apologize, saying sorry while making the sign on the person she’s apologizing too.  Then she’ll give you a hug and a kiss.

She’s quieter than her sister, but not quiet.  She will sit and watch, planning, plotting.  She’ll let Teagan get into trouble and while we’re distracted she’ll dive off the sofa/chair/slide.

This little person has changed our lives.  Love her so much.  Happy birthday baby, mommy loves you.

She's two tomorrow!  How did that happen??


March 29, 2013

All done.  scarf knit garter stitch

All done!

All done!

I decided to end the scarf a bit short of what the pattern said.  I reached a point where the color stripes matched both ends.  Balance.  I will probably add some fringe on it before fall.  It is probably far from beautiful, but it’s my first knit project and it’s done!

The casting off wasn’t too difficult, once you get the trick of it.  The yarn tension was a bit problematic, this first run was definitely too tight.  I’ll need to keep that in mind next time.




March 27, 2013


That there is thirty inches of scarf. It’s getting there! In the past few days I’ve learned how to tink, how to hide an added stitch, though I ended up tinking it out again…

It is so much easier to rip work out in crochet, with its one life stitch, than knitting. I am still unsure which leg is the right leg, which leg is facing me when I start to work. I know eventually I will see what the yarn is trying to tell me, figure out the best way to fix, or erase, a mistake. For now, I have knitters I work with, and there’s a knitting group at one local yarn store on Wednesdays and at another one on Sundays.

I took a late lunch today to be able to take advantage of the knitting group’s knowledge, and beg some assistance. They had me quickly sorted out, and I stayed for some pleasant conversation, I don’t know how many Wednesdays I can do this, but it would be nice!


March 24, 2013

20130324-194426.jpgLook how long it is!!

I have about a foot of scarf now, in garter stitch.  It’s going faster and becoming a bit more enjoyable, less work, less thought demanding.  Still not as natural feeling as crochet, but miles better than it was even three days ago.

I’m loving how squishy the knit is, how stretchy.  Crochet has give, usually, but nothing like this.  Or, it doesn’t feel quite as elastic as this garter stitch does.

Soon enough, I’ll start working on getting purl stitches down once this is done.  And maybe after a few crochet projects.  I also need to figure out how to work with circular needles so I can make a hat.  Teagan likes the yarn, though she’d prefer red.  I guess this will be Ashlin’s scarf and hat set.




March 19, 2013


Tonite’s Practice!

So, four days into this knitting thing… and it’s getting better. Not easy, but better.  This is tonight’s practice work.  I’m pretty happy with it too.  Other than some tension weirdness on the third or fourth row, and the bumpy slipped selvage edge it’s not too bad.  IMO, of course.  Good enough to maybe start a real project.  Maybe.

Pay no attention to the lost stitch by the f key...  #knit #learnnewthings #oops

Knit and purl

Sunday, I was able to get the purl stitch to work.  A friend came over with her kids,  and while the three older kids played and danced and talked in outdoor voices she helped me figure it out.  Thanks to her help I was able to work a few knit rows followed by some knit/purl rows.  I was somehow gaining a stitch or two with the purl rows.  Oops.  Monday at work, a coworker who knits thinks I may have somehow done more than one yarn over.  Could be…  in crochet you do multiple yarn overs all the time.

Last night’s practice work wasn’t too bad, but the edge was a bit less structured than crochet edges seem to be.  A friend suggested doing a slip stitch as the first stitch.  So, tonight I tried it.  I think I may have been putting the needle through the wrong way, creating the bumps.  I’ll try a bit more tonight with the needle going the other way to see if it looks better.

Rib! #knit #yarn #learnnewthings

Last night’s practice

It’s getting there!


March 16, 2013

Since yesterday, there’s been a lot of attempted knitting going on. During naps, while the Fresh Beat Band or Wonder Pets help distract the girls. While last night the accomplishment was actually casting on (two needles) and maybe getting a row or two done (right handed!) today was spent doing lots of things left handed. All in all, I tried three different needles, and three different styles, most both left and right handed.


Right-handed English

Last night I couldn’t get the hang of casting on. It was easier to do a two needle cast on versus the slingshot/long tail version. Still, I was able to work a few rows of knit stitch.  Some of it could be due to the worsted yarn and a US6/4mm needle.  When I changed to the larger needles (US11/6.5mm), it was a bit easier.  By the end of the night I knew I couldn’t really keep going on right handed, though everyone said I should try to learn that way, it would be easier in the long run.  So…

Today, I switched to left-handed.  Figured out the slingshot cast on.  Tried English left-handed (easier!), Continental (both hands) and Eastern European (left-handed) methods.  There’s not much difference between the Continental and Eastern European other than the direction the needle starts the stitch.  Both use a “left hand” hold (or, for me, right hand!).

Ok. Right to left is better. Slingshot cast on. Just need to figure out which is better - English, Eastern European or continental?  #knit #yarn #learnnewthings

Slingshot. Left-handed English

Left handed continental. I like this except for the start of the stitch front to back. Could be just tension or familiarity. It works better somehow than English. #knit #learnnewthings

Left-handed Continental

I’ll be switching back and forth between Eastern European and Continental, just to see which works better for me when going back and forth between knit and purl stitches.  Eastern European is most like crochet like hook work and yarn overs.


March 15, 2013


This is happening.


March 14, 2013

Green #cupcake for #stpatrick

Green cupcake!

We’re supposed to be getting new laptops for work, so I started organizing folders, deleting old files, drafts and I came across this one.  Another conversation between Stu and Teagan in the morning, on the way to day care, sometime back in September:

As they were driving to day care, Stu passed a school bus. Teagan said that she will have a lunch box when she goes to school. In her lunch box she’d like a sandwich and some crackers. And fruit. She likes bananas now, but when she’s on the school bus, she’d like an apple, please.

My silly little girl.  I love these “Deep Thoughts” of hers.

In other news, she loved her green cupcake I brought home for her and her sister.  Ashlin, loved getting a “birthday!”

Birthday! #cupcake

Neither of them understood why the cupcake was green, nor as big as their head. They were both happy to eat it though!


March 13, 2013



Today I took a quick tour of the garden at lunch time. Little shoots are coming up, tender green. Brown leaves rustle underfoot, begging to be cleared away.  Stu cleared off the fish pond and then I cleaned off some of the stray leaves.  We have at least two fish that survived this cold and long winter.  Unfortunately too many frogs didn’t, I scooped at least four out.

I can’t wait to start cleaning out the flower beds!


PS.  I’ve decorated for St. Patrick’s Day!


March 12, 2013

Progress!  #scarf #grannystripe #homespun by @lionbrandyarn


I learned a difficult lesson last night.  I had finished my scarf, sewn in the ends.  Done.  It was a bit shorter than it should have been, but I still had to do the hat, and needed to have yarn for that.  The hat I started yesterday at lunch and I finished last night.  Once done with that and the flower that goes with it, there was at least half a skein of yarn left over that I could use to lengthen the scarf.  Yay!  I looked at the scarf and couldn’t find the top end.


I studied it, tugging at stitches, looking for the woven in end, the right spot to snip to unravel the edging to lengthen it the proper way.  Eventually, I thought I found it, picked up the scissors and cut.  As I worked the stitch out, it seemed to take more work than it should have.  After a bit, it came.  And along with it the starting chain.


I guessed the wrong end.  Stitches don’t unravel well from the wrong side.  I had to snip the other side and unravel it from there, but there was no way to just do the border, I had to do it all.  I have no idea how to fix work from the foundation.  I’m sure there’s a way.  But I ended up frogging it all.  The scarf will work up quickly, again.  And I don’t have many projects queued, so… Do over!