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February 20, 2013

on February 15, 2013


Look what we did!  Finally.  After almost three years, I found a third curtain rod and we put it up. And put up the heavy drapes from the old house.

Finding a matching rod – metal Shepard’s crook – was not easy, as it’s been discontinued. But I found one, at a Lowe’s store somewhere in Massachusetts and they shipped it to me.  I have curtains for the other windows, but haven’t put them up, thanks to the babies.  With the cold just oozing through that french door, I thought it might be worth the potential risk of destruction.  The girls, so far, haven’t even noticed it.  It may help that their kitchen is right in front:


Yes, the Valentine’s decorations are still up

We had a busy weekend and then a lovely President’s Day.  Aunt NayNay come out for the afternoon!  The girls were ecstatic when she got here, jumping and shouting when the door opened.  NayNay got a sofa snuggle fest, hugs, kisses and huzzahs.  Ashlin read her a book:

I’m so happy I was able to capture Ashlin telling the story!  Every time I tried to tape it when I had her on my lap, she would just stare at the camera.  It was a little spooky.

Teagan played dolls and games with her.


NayNay and nieces

It was a good day.

Last night I started the hat for Stu.  I’ll post that once there’s a bit more than a coaster :)

6 responses to “February 20, 2013

  1. Nina says:

    Nina commented on your link.

    Nina wrote: “Nice to know it isn’t just me. My bedroom curtains have been slated for replacement for 3 years.”

    • lisasff says:

      No, it’s not just you. I need to get time to hunt for house things. Don’t want to get the same stuff everyone has. Want to find treasures. But need time to actually do it. And hang pictures. LOL.

      • Nina says:

        Nina wrote: I finally framed my pics. One is leaning on the wall. One is on a chest and leaning on the wall. Oh wait, 3 of em are unframed and behind a door. I’ve had them a year or so. Being picky is such a curse!

        • lisasff says:

          Oh, let’s not even go there… Though I do have pictures going up the stairs, a few nails up in the living room…. a thing here, a mirror, a picture there

  2. Kat says:

    Curtains look very nice. We still have our bedroom to do. We do have blinds so it’s not such a ‘get it done now’ thing. Thank goodness. :-) The girls and Aunt NayNay was very cute. They seem to know that book very well!!

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you!! I’m so glad that the curtains from the old house worked so well. and the room seems a bit warmer thanks to them, so bonus all around.

      That book is one of Ashlin’s favorites, she asks for it just about every night. Every time I try to get her reading along, Ashlin just looks at the camera. So happy I was able to get this one!

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