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January 8, 2013

on January 8, 2013
Foundation granny stripe  #crochet #scarf


My dad’s present was a Granny Stripe scarf.  And I wanted to do a scarf from the long side, not short as I had done with Teagan’s and Stu’s.  I had never done a Granny Square, so figured starting with a stripe, something with very few corners might not be a bad idea.

I modified the pattern from Attic 24, I didn’t want an afghan, but liked the idea of learning the stitch, and thought it would be easy to adapt into a scarf.  What do I know? :D

I counted out a chain using the required multiplier for the stitch.  First row on the chain was a single crochet.  Easy.  I love how the chain and single crochet curl up.  Both girls hats have ties that were curled, when I made them…  but they’ve long been tugged out.

It was moving to the first row of the Granny Stripe motif that was a problem… Or rather, I found the problem.  I can’t count.

Kaaaaaaaaahhhhhhnnnnn!  #crochet

Counting issues

Oops! Off by two stitches.  My chain was two stitches short.  And with a single crochet in each stitch, I didn’t realize until I started doing the clusters.  Oh well.  At least it wasn’t too long of a scarf.

The edge may need some help. #crochet #scarf #grannystripe


By the time I got to the second color, I was enjoying myself. Very much.  A quick stitch that isn’t too complicated, but still fun.

Getting there! #crochet #grannystripe #scarf #present

Half way

Third color, middle.  I decided to have the color pattern reverse, work from the center.

To fringe or not to #fringe #crochet #grannystripe #scarf

Just before fringe

I used the three colors of the scarf in each knot of the fringe.  Unfortunately, I can’t find a picture of the scarf completely finished…  Maybe I’ll get a picture one of the times I go home. I think my dad liked it…  if he doesn’t, Stu did :D

4 responses to “January 8, 2013

  1. Kat says:

    I thought the colors were good together, too. And some men just don’t do scarves….so maybe Stu will have another one soon. :-) I bet your Dad is wearing it though. Something made with love is always easy to wear for me.

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, it was a navy blue, gray and white. I’m not sure if he is a scarf man or not. He is a baseball hat man though. I need to finish the afghan and get on stu’s hat :)

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