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January 7, 2013

on January 7, 2013
New colors

Christmas presents to be!

Two of the crochet projects I made as presents were a hat for my sister and a scarf for my mom.  Over Thanksgiving, my sister joked that if I made her a hat, she would wear it.  So, I made her a hat!

After much googling, I eventually found a pattern that I liked, and thought she would too.  All the yarn I had picked out for my sister was not as thick as this pattern calls for, so I needed to increase the stitch counts, and play with the number of rounds.  After much trying on my head for size, I got an “adult” size, and one I thought would fit her head.

It's a hat!  Really!  #crochet #hat #flower

Hat with flower accent


While searching for a pattern I thought she would like, I came across an interesting way to accent a hat – to make interchangeable flowers, or accents.  I chose a button that would be small enough to button an accent flower over, but not too big.

As long as the center chain is about 6 stitches round, it should fit over the button.  I made three flowers, using different colors from the ones I had selected for her “pallet,” wine red with grays.

#crochet #hat with changeable #flower #accent.

Hat with flowers


The scarf I did for my mom was done with the colors I had picked out for her.  Purples.  The stitch is a stacked shell, from one of the books that a co-worker lent me when they pushed me to start crocheting.

Once I got the hang of the stitch, the scarf worked up easily and quickly.  It’s a bit of a yarn eater, so I actually ran out of yarn before finishing.  NOT fun at all.  Then I couldn’t find the purple I needed at the local stores.  Waiting to get to the big store where I got the original skein gave me the time to get the hat and another project finished, so, I guess it was a good thing.  Knowing how much yarn I’ll need is something that will come with practice.  I knew I had enough for one of my mom’s presents, but not the two combined.

Yesterday, when we met up in the city to celebrate Three Kings day (without telling Teagan!), my mom was wearing her scarf.  Made me feel great!

Had to put away the #crochet #scarf. Ran out of yarn :(

Purple shells

9 responses to “January 7, 2013

  1. Kate says:

    That hat is awesome! In an, er, unrelated note, my birthday is in 12 days. ;)

  2. Gorgeous hat and the button accessory idea is inspired!!! Avis x
    P.S. A little tip maybe…..if you already have one item and you want to make another, weigh the original item and then weigh the wool you have available to see if you have enough. I do this when I make squares and I want to see if there is enough wool left to make another. It isn’t exact but it gives a good estimate.

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you! I totally lucked out googling and came across that idea!

      I was wondering if weighing the yarn was something that would work or not! I think I lost my food scale in the move, but I can get another one! Thank you again!!

  3. Kat says:

    The idea of the accent flowers changes the whole look with just a ‘button on’ item. Love it. You’re so ‘crafty’. The scarf was beautiful as well. I’m glad the gifts were well rec’d.

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you! I totally lucked out with my google search :D

      It was really nice that my mom wore the scarf. Dad didn’t wear his… but he’s a different sort…

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  5. […] January 7, 2013 (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

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