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December 27, 2012

on December 27, 2012
#christmas #tree with #presents. Before

Just after Santa arrived

We had an awesome Christmas, with too many presents for babies, too much good food.  And snow.  We had a white Christmas.

Teagan and Ashlin each got to make treats for Santa, and Teagan dictated a note for him.  Ashlin did a great job making her treats, maybe better than Teagan, who just wanted to mix the ingredients all up.

We went out to celebrate LaLa’s birthday, and came back to change into Christmas pj’s, and head to bed, because of course, you need to be asleep or Santa wouldn’t come.  We were hard pressed to get all the presents under the tree, and not all the stocking stuffers fit in the stockings.  Some extra went into peppermint candy bags.

Teagan loved opening her presents, and as many other people’s presents as would let her.  I gave her some of Ashlin’s to open, reinforcing that she was helping her sister, as Ashlin ran out of steam way before her presents ran out.

After a nap, the girls went outside to play in the snow, and Ashlin loved it.  The first thing Teagan did was make a snow angel on the walkway.  I ran to get my phone, but by the time I got back, Ashlin had walked through it.

The girls had a big Christmas, hopefully one that Teagan will remember.  Hopefully one that will leave Ashlin with some warm fuzzy memories too.

#hat!  Yay for #crackers

Goofy Christmas Princess

#rudolph's replacement

Rudolph’s Replacement

On our way home, accidents and traffic forced us to reroute and we drove through Sandy Hook.  It was heartbreaking.  So many memorials, so many tributes.  Luminaries.  Christmas trees.  Signs.  Stuffed animals and flowers.  Such a beautiful town to have such evil happen there.  We ended up going back onto the highway before the road was clear, it was so difficult to see all the tributes.  And then I snuggled my girls when we got home.  I’m so glad they still like to snuggle

snuggles on the sofa

Snuggles on the sofa

PS.  Teagan did get her copy of “The Princess and the Frog.”   Ashlin is doing much, much better, though still isn’t sleeping well.

7 responses to “December 27, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Sounds like the ‘perfect’ Christmas!!! Love the picture of the tree with being able to see the ‘snow’ outside. Looks like a postcard. Sandy Hook community did indeed have a hard holiday this year, but as we know, we get thru those things to go on with life. But I’m grateful and thankful for the people in my life and glad that your family is in this circle. Snuggling with kids would have been a great thing for this Nana too. But, alas, I’ll have to let you and Stu do that for me this year. My grands stayed in OH and are now traveling to other family in TN for the week. Maybe next year….

    BTW…when was LaLa’s bd….mine was the 23rd…

    • lisasff says:

      Happy belated! Mom’s birthday is the 24th – Christmas Eve. We try very hard to have a party just for her, and wrap things in birthday paper.

      It was a very nice Christmas, with a few bumps here and there. There has to be, spending it with family. LOL!

      I’ll give the girls an extra snuggle, for you. It’s still so hard to imagine. Driving through the center of town, on the GPS directed detour, was so sad. I think we’d be able to process it better if we knew why. Not understood why, but at least knew what his thought was.

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