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December 21, 2012

on December 21, 2012
Shattered Tree

Shattered Tree

I’m such a bad mom. I dropped Teagan’s Christmas Tree.


The first time was before we even left day care.  One of her teachers saw me, she glanced over at Teagan to see her reaction.  Teagan was totally cool about it, even though she was just telling me how much she wanted to eat it, could she eat it before dinner?  No tears, no cries.  My totally cool baby, just helped me pick it up and put it back on the plate, then put her coat on.

The second time was in the parking lot.  I was trying so hard, but it just slipped right off the plate.  You’d have thought the sticky icing would help it stay on, but no.  I picked up the biggest piece, but Teagan was insistent on eating it and wouldn’t let me leave any crumbs behind.

So, it came home, because, of course, dada had to see it, and Ashlin, too.  We were able to distract her enough that she forgot about eating it tonight.  It’ll be gone by the time she wakes up tomorrow, and if need be, we’ll go get some icing and M&M’s and make another.  Or maybe she’ll want to make some rice krispie treats, and that will distract her.

I totally have the dropsies today.


6 responses to “December 21, 2012

  1. Stu says:

    At least you didn’t drop the baby.

  2. Kris A says:

    Been there done that with a pottery project of Thomas’. Just don’t touch the china over the holidays. LOL

  3. Kat says:

    :-) Well, I see that some made it home and all is well, since you’ve posted more since this. :-)

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