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December 5, 2012

on December 5, 2012
All done! #crochet #basket #project

Stash Basket

Over Thanksgiving, I made myself something.  Finally.  Well, I couldn’t work on anyone’s Christmas presents while I was there with them!

I used some of the leftover yarn from Teagan’s Ripple to make a stash basket, using Purl Bee’s pattern here.  It was a wonderful pattern, and well written.  To me, the most difficult part was counting stitches, up to 19!, while making the bottom.

Lumpy basket bottom. #crochet #project

Lumpy bottom

So, I seem to be counting challenged, I had problems with my foundation on the ripple, and with the granny stripe scarf.  I would lose my place counting, and need to pull work out.  Even with that, I was able to get the bottom of the basket done in just over one evening. I probably could have finished it in only one evening, if I was able to fully focus on crocheting and not being social.  I also think my yarn tension was a bit too tight, and the bottom turned out a bit lumpy.  If, when, I make another, I will try to loosen up.  It has a lovely spiral type pattern to it too…

Round one #crochet #basket #project

First round

While I was working the bottom, I kept getting a bit concerned that it wouldn’t be as big as I thought. I shouldn’t have worried though. By the time I got to the first round of the side, the basket was close to the promised diameter of 13 inches.  I am sure that the difference is due to both yarn weight and tension.

Two rounds of the side done on my #crochet #basket. Changing colors for one section now.


I got about three rounds done while away.  Once I got the first of the chain loop bits done I started getting excited.  It was really a lovely basket, and a joy to crochet – one round single crochet, one round of double, and then another round of single crochet.  It was the first time I had done a chain and single crochet combo, and loved how the gaps it made turned out.  I’m going to need to try a baby blanket with this type of finishing.

Getting ready to do last rounds of #crochet #basket #project

Just before handles

I swapped colors after three rounds, using up some bits.  Even doing the handles wasn’t too complicated.  The next time I do this basket, and I’m sure I’ll do another, I’ll do the sides in joined rounds and not spirals.  Although I’m sure it will leave a “seam,”  but it may be a bit less jarring than the asymmetrical way the bands turned out.  It could be because I misunderstood how to do the chain five single crochet join for the last stitch.  I don’t know.  I’ll ask around.  We’ll see.

The handles were a little annoying, but I did enjoy how the first one started right from the last band.  Then you started the second one right on the top too, so only one side of the handles are actually sewn on.

So, all in all, three or four nights of crocheting and I have a basket that’s just the right size to stand four skeins of yarn, or stash some current work.


PS.  I decorated for the holidays :D


13 responses to “December 5, 2012

  1. Nina says:

    nina commented on your link.

    Nina wrote: “I love buying yarn to make baskets to hold yarn to make baskets…”

  2. Kat says:

    This is an awesome basket. I love it. I love everything you did to it: the different colors, the stichies, the way you ‘photoed’ your progess and of course the final product!! You go, girl. This would be a great gift for the holidays. Start now and you’ll have inventory by next Christmas. :-)

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