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December 4, 2012 ~ Wiggly Box

on December 4, 2012
English: The Wicked Witch of The West, melting...

The Wicked Witch of The West, melting after being doused by Dorothy. From the first edition of The Wizard of Oz. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somehow Teagan has fallen in love with the Wizard of Oz – or as she says, “Wiggly Box”.  I’m  not sure how, we haven’t pulled out my Anniversary Edition DVD, nor have we started reading chapter books to her at bedtime.  (I really want to start soon, though!  Chronicles of Narnia, Charlotte’s Web, Velveteen Rabbit are calling…)  She’s come home from day care talking about the mean witch who melts.  And about little people, but not like her, she’s a big girl.  She would start singing “Ding dong the witch is melted” or something along those lines.

After a bit of prodding and some pointed questions, we found out that one of her day care teachers shows them clips on her phone.  Not sure if I’m happy about this or not.  They should be teaching her about the difference between J and K, and that L, M, N and O are actually different letters, not one big mumble.  Maybe that there’s a number 15 and 16 and you don’t just go from 14 to 17 :)

Teagan has some very definite ideas about this movie.  The mean people (Witches Guard?) are the ones that poured the water on the Wicked Witch, and made her melted.  It wasn’t Dorothy! And the Statue Man cried, but threw fire.  Also, the witch in the beginning, Jenna, could melt, but she has a protective coat on him eyes and hands so she doesn’t melted.  Her pretty dress is armor against melting.  Oh, and she’s taller than the munchkins, because she’s a big girl, not a baby.

Well, there you have it.

We may try to watch the movie with her next weekend, if there’s time…  She was completely enthralled with the Grinch the other day.  According to her, him heart grew because him cried, and watered it.  When the Grinch makes his grumpy face in the beginning, she would get scared.  But not enough to not watch the rest, and not enough to not ask to see it again.  And again.  And again.


Ashlin could care less, though she will dance when the Whos sing. Also, she can say her name!  She proudly points to herself and says “Ahhhh-lin!”  My big girl.


10 responses to “December 4, 2012 ~ Wiggly Box

  1. Kat says:

    Seems that Teagan and books are the thing these days. It’s so great to see them interested in the ‘written word’ and/or movies. :-) I love to hear the story in ‘her words’ too. Makes it even better than the orginal sometimes. And Ashlin’s saying her name is awesome. Way to go, girls.

    • lisasff says:

      Yes, she was telling me the story of the Grinch again in the bathroom last night. Sometimes it’s the most interesting and minute details. We tried Rudolph tonight, and she told us that she loved it, but had never seen it ever before. Last year, she wasn’t ready. This year, Bubbles is scary and then helpful.

      • Kat says:

        Love to hear the stories in their own words!!! Are you taping any of this??? I wish I had taped more of Jason’s rambling when he was the age of your girls. However, I do have him singing, “Jesus loves me” while I’m playing the piano….so cute! and such a memory.

  2. Stu says:

    “Becoz, becoz, becoz, becoz, becozzzzzz……
    Becoz the wonderful things him do!”

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  4. […] December 4, 2012 ~ Wiggly Box (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

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