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November 10, 2012

on November 10, 2012
Spooky trunk

Spooky trunk

Tonight was the town’s “unofficial” Trick or Treat night, actually a “Trunk or Treat” if you may.  Hurricane Sandy knocked down too many wires and trees for it to be safe to go out on Halloween, so the town postponed to this past Wednesday, which was snowed out.  A bunch of mom’s started up a facebook thing that the town selectman decided to jump on to.  So, Trunk or Treat it was!

We got the girls dressed up again, no curls this time for Teagan’s Wendy-Bird, she wanted sparkles.  I didn’t drop any glitter in, as much as she asked.  She’s already gotten enough in the car from her art projects at day care.  Oh, that sounded like an old grown up.  Oh well.

The event started at 6, and by the time we got there, around 6:10, the parking lot was packed.  There were very few parking spots, but we did find one.  Thankfully.  Not every one needed to have a spare spot with chairs in it.

Teagan first

Wendy-Bird first

In a way, this was better than going house to house in the neighborhood.  The girls got more candy, more treats then they would have.  Stu and I took the girls up the row we were on and then down and around the other side.  We bumped into one of their day care teachers, so fun!  I sent the three of them off, so I could hand out some candy.  It wouldn’t be fair to have the girls take candy with giving some out!

Some cars were really decorated, it was awesome! The whole thing was super concentrated trick or treat, though, groups of six or more kids would come every minute, if that long.  I had a huge bucket, and a bag of spare, just in case candy, and we went through it all.

it's D from day care!

It’s D, from day care!

Stu came back and I took the girls back out to a new row, neither wanted to stop, and there were so many kids I didn’t want to drive the car out. There were two boys dressed up in ghillie suits that scared Teagan quite badly.  Ashlin got a bit tentative with one or of the men, but always hammed it up for the ladies, and most of the men.  She didn’t need any prompting to thank the people, and often blew them kisses too.

After a bit, both girls were cold and tired, even though they didn’t want to admit it, and the cars were running out of candy.  Like they needed more candy!  We headed back to the car, the girls got settled into their seats and given some crackers from their  haul. Ashlin did not want to give up her pumpkin, but the teddy grahams bribed her long enough for Stu to get back from looking for us!

They both went to bed quickly and without much complaint.  I guess the quick evening (both in bed by 7:15!), full of excitement and horror and sweets got the best of them.

The haul!

The haul!

It was a good night.


7 responses to “November 10, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Lots of fun!!! The girls looked like they had a great time…and a good haul.
    Our church does this ‘Trunk or Treat’ every year along with having bounce houses, pony rides, hay rides, and inside games (in our gym) such as putt putt (prize (candy) for doing a good job (of course, they all get it), basketball toss, bean bag toss, and many more. Also, we have real eats as well. hot dogs, hamburges, fries, and funnel cakes….(those are sold (I think for a $ each? for supplies for ‘next year’). It has a ‘fair’ atmosphere and safe haven for the kids of the neighborhood. It’s open to the whole community–advertised (for up to the 5th grade age) about 3 weeks in advance–not just for our church congreation. It’s a lot of fun to see all the ‘kids’ dressed up and the cars’ trunks dressed out. The older kids are pressed into helping with games, rides, etc. and of course, given food to bribe them. :-)

    • lisasff says:

      Teagan’s asked to go trick or treating again tonight :)

      The town rec center does a Halloween party too, with games and music and food, but I’m not sure if they have a trunk or tread there… We couldn’t get there this year, though they do a lovely job for Easter. I think a few of the churches do something, but the one we would go to only had a craft fair…

      Oh, and Teagan wants to have her candy for breakfast. She comes down every morning, asking if she can have candy. No, hon. Not for breakfast! Maybe after dinner, if you’re good today!

      • Kat says:

        Oh, come on, Mom…just one day give her candy WITH her breakfast. HA HA HA. And maybe that will inpsire her to be ‘good’ ALL day. Of course, she might ask for that reward again after dinner.

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