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November 3, 2012

on November 3, 2012
Wendy Bird and Tinkerbell

Wendy Bird and Tinkerbell

Today we dressed the girls up in their Halloween costumes and had a treasure hunt!

Teagan was excited, eager to go trick or treating – or on a treasure hunt, like a pirate!  She was so heartbroken when we told her we couldn’t go on Halloween.  She so wanted to be Wendy-Bird!  At first she wanted to be a flying horse, then a pirate, then peter pan, then the bumble bee like last year, (so she could say buzz buzz boo!).  Eventually she settled on Wendy Darling from Peter Pan.  Wendy-Bird.  Ashlin would, no could!, go as Tinkerbell.

All morning, knowing that we were going to dress up and go outside, she played with her pink plastic pumpkin.  Ashlin got jealous, so I found the other one I had so she could play too.  She and Ashlin putt toys and trinkets in them and walking around, showing us what they had in them, dumping those out and refilling them with new objects.  Repeat.

Once naps were over and we started getting them ready, Teagan just couldn’t contain herself.  She was fiddling with the curlers, (to make her hair look like Wendy’s), rushing to get into her shirt, her dress, her shoes.  Ashlin, on the other hand, wasn’t convinced at all that this would be fun.  Not at all.  We did get her dressed, though, the mean parents that we are, even though she was crying.  One picture of her crying in her costume would be worth it for the memory.  I have one of Teagan wailing in a butterfly costume when she was a year and a half.


Wendy and Tink

I eventually got Ashlin’s wings on, the ones that came with the costume and velcro on.  I didn’t try to put on the extra special ones LaLa found that strapped over her arms.  She was so not in the mood for the fussing.  But once we gave her a bracelet that matched her costume, she calmed down.  Not enough to give up her bubble – pacifier – at first, but eventually.

I was able to get a few good pictures of them, alone of course.  Never together.  I think it’s a rule about not getting one good one of the two of them together.  I have one or two with both of them looking at the camera, not pulling a face, but the angles aren’t right.  Oh well.  It’s more important that they had fun!

Stu hid some candy outside for the girls.  Each hiding spot had two pieces of candy.  Teagan was allowed to get one piece, but the second was for Ashlin.  Ashlin, of course, didn’t find any on her own, but Teagan was so excited, and eager to give Ashlin her piece.  Ashlin didn’t really understand what was going on, although she was happy enough to put things in her pumpkin.  Ashlin became very attached to her packet of Skittles, and refused to give it up, and carried it around for the rest of the afternoon.

We probably should have gone for a walk around the block in costume, but we didn’t.  Hopefully, the weather will hold off long enough for us to go out Wednesday.  I don’t think they’ll reschedule Halloween a second time…

PS.  Teagan told me that she missed her cat.  I told her that I missed the cat, too.


5 responses to “November 3, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    That was great. I love the ‘costumes’ and the thought process of Teagan. The idea of a ‘treasure hunt’ to make up for the missed ‘trick or treat’ was a super idea. Kudos again to you guys as GOOD parents. And of course, I love the pictures. BTW…to answer a comment about why would I know Steve & Blue??? You’re right…my grands are 4 & 9 now and out of that range, but I still try to keep up because of so many
    ‘little ones’ at church. Never know when that infor will come in handy for me. LOL. Thanks for keeping me up to dat.

    • lisasff says:

      Well, I’ll admit to ulterior motives, I wanted a few decent pictures of them in costume this year. We have a blurry one of Teagan in her bumble bee last year, and we didn’t dress up Ashlin thanks to her croup, though she was in a skeleton romper… And well, Teagan loved the easter egg hunt this spring, and is so fascinated with pirates that a treasure hunt wasn’t too hard to come up with. Knowing that Ashlin would be clueless, and we didn’t want Teagan to get ALL the candy, we came up with putting two pieces everywhere, and having Teagan share with Ashlin. Both girls loved that, and hopefully it was a lesson for Teagan :D

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  3. […] November 3, 2012 (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

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