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October 31, 2012 ~ Angry Birds

on October 31, 2012
Done! #angrybird #amigurumi #crochet #handmade #monster

Angry Birds

So, the other “Big Brother to Be” amigurumi I made were a pair of angry birds.  Well, Red Bird and a Pig.  I just missed the older boy’s birthday, which was Angry Bird themed too.

They took about four evenings to make, but weren’t very difficult once I figured out the magic ring.  Every piece of these amigurumi starts with a magic ring.  Well, except one, the tail.  I have to say, now that I know how to do a magic ring, I use it just about everywhere now where they say to crochet a circle in a chain.  It just looks nicer, and is a bit easier.

I started with the red bird.  It might not have been the easiest, especially as the pattern was more complicated (and for a beginner, not all that easy to read!).  But eventually I got the body done, then the feathers, eyes, belly and nose.

Next! #monster #amigurumi #crochet project


Eyes and tail. Now to piece him together. #amigurumi #crochet #angrybird #monster

Parts is parts

Getting there with #angrybird #amigurumi #crochet #monster

All together now


Profile, with tail


All done! With eyebrows

I had a little problem spacing the eyes, and then getting the eyebrows right. My sewing skills are slowly getting better, thankfully.  I think he turned out pretty good, though!

The green pig, was a bit easier. I was familiar with the pattern style, and process, so got him done in less time.  He also had fewer parts and almost no felt cut outs.


Stuffed body


Nose attached

Just need eyes... #amigurumi #angrybird #crochet #monster



All done! Except felt

The sewing here is a bit better than on the red bird. But I think he turned out fanastic too. I also think he’s cuter than the bird, but don’t tell!

I may end up making a second set, at the request of a very cute little girl…  We’ll see.

PS. I found the pattern here.

10 responses to “October 31, 2012 ~ Angry Birds

  1. Kat says:

    Wonderful!! You’re doing such a good job. I bet it’s hard to not let Teagan/Ashlin have them when finished. Hopefully, they understand they are for other people. Maybe make them for Christmas??? They would still be suprised and parents are allowed to give gifts even if Santa brings most of the stuff. :-)

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you! Sometimes I do wonder if they look good or not, if a kid would like them or not. The girls really haven’t seen most of the work so far. Usually I start after they go to bed, and put it away when they’re around. I don’t want them to mess around with it, and I can’t really work on it when they’re up and about… Teagan has asked for a bunny and for a cat for Ashlin… And she recognized the angry bird ones when they were on the table, even though she’s NEVER played angry birds… She also knows I’m making her a blanket, and she was snuggling under it tonight… It’s not Steve or Blue, so Ashlin really hasn’t noticed at all! LOL!

  2. Stephen Hughes says:

    I love your Angry Birds!

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