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October 29, 212 ~ Frankenstorm Fun

on October 29, 2012



Yay for #art! #frankenstorm

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Daycare was closed today.  We needed to keep two babies entertained.  Keep their minds off the cat, the weather, the ton of laundry.  So, we painted.


Dap! Dap! Dap! Hahahahaha!

Yes, we painted in shifts.  Stu kept one while I did art with the other.  Teagan finger painted autumn flowers.  We pulled her (white!!) shirt off  and let her have fun.  Ashlin stayed in her pj’s all day and loved it, though she reaaaallly wanted her slippers on even with footie pj’s.


After all the painting was cleaned up, we gave each other tattoos.  Matching tattoos!


Matching Avenger tattoos


And snuggled up when the wind blew



We lucked out, our power flickered a bit, and we lost some big branches, but so far, we seem to be ok…  and the mountain of laundry is a bit lower…



2 responses to “October 29, 212 ~ Frankenstorm Fun

  1. Kat says:

    Love this entry. You guys rock!

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