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October 23, 2012

on October 23, 2012
Big brother #amigurumi #monster. A #crochet #present for zagazoo's big brother. Just need to finish the leg

Monster in progress

Surprisingly, each of the baby girls that I made blankets for will have at least one big brother, and one will have two!  It’s an interesting coincidence.  Anyway, when I was looking for blanket patterns/ideas, I came across a cute little crocheted bunny, and thought the girls would love it.  So, like with the blankets, I needed to practice, gain skills to be able to make it.  So, I made four other amigurumi creatures as big brother presents.

#monster! Done!  With scraggly ear! #amigurumi #crochet

Eeek! A Monster!

The first one I attempted was this little monster.  This little guy was supposed to be a kitty, with ears and a tail and a whiskery nose.  I figured I could turn him into a monster easily enough.  He was for a big brother after all!

He’s a simple pillow, with arms and legs, and a very good first amigurumi to make.  He needed to be done in a very tight stitch, so learning the necessary tension was challenge enough.  Thankfully, there were no complicated stitches here, other than working a spiral and the need to count stitches carefully.  I think he turned out pretty cute, and just a little scary.

The next one, another monster, (there’s a theme!), was a bit more complicated, as he was crocheted almost as a whole.  First one leg and the arms, then as you crochet the second, and move up to the body, you attach the first leg.  The arms are then stuffed and crocheted on as you continue to move up the body.

Arms and legs of the next #monster #amigurumi #crochet project for a big brother #present

Arms and legs

Arms attached! #crochet #amigurumi #monster

All appendages securely attached

Waiting for eyes and stuffing! #amigurumi #crochet #monster

Look Ma! No seam! And a few horns too

Done! #amigurumi #crochet #monster

All done! Grrrrr!

I’m quite happy with how he turned out.  I was able to figure out how to get his horns to work, as I had not started counting the stitches in the right spot for the pattern, not that the pattern was clear.  Understanding the pattern, the stitch enough to realize that I was in the wrong spot made me feel really good.  Like I was getting it, that it was beginning to click.

My mouth sewing skills could be better, but each amigurumi is a learning process, and I’m getting better and better!

The next two guys deserve a post of their own…  So, tomorrow.  Teagan’s blanket is calling!

7 responses to “October 23, 2012

  1. Kate says:

    So cool to see squala (name evolves–some times it is more cuala) in progress. You’ve got some great skills! And all creatures are much adored I’m sure.

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  3. Kat says:

    Wow….you’re getting so ‘good’ at this. I’m impressed you’ve done so many different things and stitches in such a short learning period. Your gifts will be very appreciated. Lovely.

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you! It’s been a fun time-suck :) I’m sure that my execution needs a bit more refinement, but getting there!

      Teagan’s blanket is coming along, and she’s getting excited!!

  4. […] October 23, 2012 (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

  5. […] October 23, 2012 (lisasff.wordpress.com) […]

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