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October 15, 2012

on October 15, 2012
English: Intertitle from the AMC television pr...

English: Intertitle from the AMC television program The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gah!  Today I realized that the DVR didn’t record the new episode of “The Walking Dead.”  While Stu was putting Teagan down, I hunted through the timers, through the on-screen schedules.  No luck.  I found the timer, but no shows.  Turns out, that Dish isn’t carrying AMC any longer.  Poop!!  So frustrating.

At least American Horror Story is on FX, so we won’t miss that!

11 responses to “October 15, 2012

  1. Kate says:

    From the 14th? We have it on our TiVo. Not sure how to get it to you, of course. But it is here…

  2. I just bought the first season on DVD… so I can watch it at my leisure!! I wanted to see American Horror Story too… but I guess I’ll put that on my xmas list as well!

  3. btw love your spooky blog theme!

  4. Kat says:

    Hate when that happens. Usually when we don’t ‘record’ a show it’s due to OE….or forgetfulness of the OLD. LOL That’s one reason I stick it out the DirectTV they seem to keep their ‘channels’ and have all the sports stuff too. Of course, The Walking Dead isn’t something I would watch….just saying. :-)

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, I had that happen a lot with my VCR. Thankfully, the DVR is smarter than I am!

      We’re lucky! Dish came to an agreement with AMC, and they’re now back on the lineup! They’re rerunning the first episode and we stumbled across the second to record.

      It’s going to be a zombie fest tonight!

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