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October 14, 2012

on October 14, 2012
IMG_5233Blowing Kisses in the Pumpkin PatchIMG_5159IMG_5160IMG_5164IMG_5168

2012 10 – Apple Picking & Pumpkin Patch, a set on Flickr.

Today we went pumpkin and apple picking. Yay! Thankfully, we met up with some friends, who helped us corral the girls, who were bouncing around like pinballs from pumpkin to pumpkin. Looking at the donkeys, the hay, the ghost pumpkins, the mums.  We were lucky it was such a lovely day, we didn’t need heavy coats or boots.  It was nice to be out in the fall day, without being cold.

Trying to get a nice picture of the two girls by the pumpkins was like trying to herd cats, they both kept going off in different directions, looking somewhere else.  Eventually, with Stu helping along with some fruit chews, I was able to get one or two good ones.

Teagan got to ride on the donkey again, with her friend.  Ashlin was very upset that she was too small to ride the mammoth donkey, but she just wouldn’t have been able to stay on.  Next  year, she’ll get her donkey ride.  This year, she had to be content with a ride in the wagon, surrounded by pumpkins.

We lost one friend as we headed off for the apple picking – nap time! – but we still had a good time. Ashlin was really funny, she could not stop eating apples, she was obsessed. She was toddling around, holding her apple with two hands, taking a bite and saying “apple! Apple!” over and over.  Teagan turned out to be a very good apple picker, once she understood not to pick the ones from the ground, and to check to see if there were blemishes on the ones on the tree before they went into her bag. She ended up picking almost 10 pounds of apples all by herself!

Ashlin did pick one or two, and put them in a bag for later. We were hard pressed to convince her not to eat them right then and there. Teagan also loved eating the apples right from the tree, she’s never really had a whole apple before. Somehow, I’ve always sliced them up for her. I guess it’s time to stop, both girls are more than capable of eating a whole apple.

So, we now have four pumpkins and some twenty pounds of apples. And some good memories of the day.


8 responses to “October 14, 2012

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  2. Kat says:

    I love the contrast of the pink on the girls with the orange of the pumpkins!! So, how do I get an apple pie from those 20# they picked??? :-) And will there be pumpkin carvings to come?

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you!! I just wanted to be sure they coordinated. Last year their outfits clashed a bit…

      I’m not sure if you can get any of the apples… Teagan is very protective, and Ashlin is a bottomless pit. LOL! I have made some sauce, and I may try some apple caramel butter next weekend with some more, if there are enough left.

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