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September 5, 2012

on September 5, 2012

20120905-194826.jpgI had been feeling a bit sad hearing about how so many were sending off their kids to preschool for the first time, or to kindergarten.  I had looked around back in the spring and early summer for a local preschool, but hadn’t really found anything.  And day care does a pretty nice job at working academics and stuff.  But still, I felt we were doing Teagan a disservice.  And she really wants to ride on a school bus.

A few weeks ago, I found out that one elementary school in the district – not ours – does a pre-k.  I called and left a message for the administrator to call me back if there was an opening.  I got a call yesterday.  She said there will most likely be an opening, in the afternoon, starting next week.  We could fill in the forms and have Teagan evaluated and she could probably start going almost right away.

I got excited, thinking that Teagan would have a pre-school experience, and finally get to ride on a bus.  We asked to talk to the director of day care, to find out if we could swing it.  Also hoping for a financial break as Teagan would not be in the day care full time.  Well, it turns out that they don’t bus or transport children younger than school age.  Also, Teagan’s tuition would only drop if she was there four hours or less.  Any more than that, she’d be considered full time, and I don’t think the pre-k would have her out of the day care long enough for her day there to be four hours.  Two strikes.  We can’t afford to send her to pre-k on top of a full time day care tuition.

The administrator at the school called me today to confirm the address for the forms, so I took the opportunity to ask about transportation.  They don’t offer transport to the pre-k kids, unless they were special needs.  Although Teagan is special, she’s not special needs.  There’s no way we can get her to and from the pre-k every day.  We probably could manage a few days a week, but nothing on a regular basis.

I haven’t called the administrator back to let her know that we can’t take the theoretical spot.  I worry that she’ll be missing out.  That there’ll be something vital that she can only get at an official pre-k, something we can’t give her, or that the day care can’t.  I worry that she’ll remember we didn’t care enough to give her every advantage.  I worry that it will make Kindergarten too difficult, to large of a transition, to scary.

Then, I remember that this little girl went on the roller coaster with me.  Just once.  But she did it.  I’m sure she’ll get over the scary.  I just have to hope she’ll get over the rest too.

Hopefully, she’ll still be able to be a doctor, like she told Stu.  She wants to fix boo boo’s.


10 responses to “September 5, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Lisa, I’m saying a prayer right now that the doors will open for you to be able to have Teagan in both pre-k and daycare if that is what is needed. Awesome things happen sometimes when we simply ask for it. Also, your ‘little girl’ IS pretty special and amazing. She might be scared the frist day or two (if no pre-k) when she arrives @ kindergarten, but then they better watch out. She wil have arrived!! And yes, doctor seems a good choice right now since she is taking care of her boyfriend’s boo boo with hugs, holding hands, and playing logos. What else could a patient need? LOL.

    • lisasff says:

      Kat, thank you! It may be a moot point, they haven’t called to say she has a spot. I’m not too worried that she’s going to miss out on anything but the actual experience of being in a pre-k. It’s going to have to be what it is though. We can only do so much for her.

      • Kat says:

        Lisa, you’re right not to ‘worry’ and reading the other comments you made about the expense, etc…it will be what it is as you said. You and Stu are ‘teaching’ both girls at home and these days, home schooling is getting more popular. I’m sure that both of them will far ahead of others when they do enroll in pre-k, 1st grade or whatever. Keep up the good work.

        • lisasff says:

          Thank you. I think I’d be more comfortable if my sister didn’t emphasize how she can tell which kids went to preschool and which didn’t. Granted, she couldn’t/wouldn’t tell if she saw the same difference in day care kids. I know she’s only trying to help, but it doesn’t really help, you know?

          Stu and I will do what we can to make sure she doesn’t fall behind. Crazy to think that at 3 years old, she *could* fall behind.

          • Kat says:

            Tell your sister to watch ‘her’ own kids…and not everyone else’s??? ;-) I know it’s hard to think your children aren’t up to par–or falling behind, but until someone in ‘authority’ tells you that….keep doing what you’re doing; they girls are indeed smart and learn something each day. How many 3 or 1 1/2 year olds do you really know that can ‘sign’?? Not many that I’m aware of. Keep being the great parents you are. Sorry sis….:-)

            • lisasff says:

              Yeah. I know. But sometimes it’s hard to ignore her… it is her “field” after all. :(

              I’m not going to worry about it this year though. I did send her off to see if there was anything for just the day care kids :D

  2. Kate says:

    I hear you. I’ve often fretted about how preschool is the privilege for those who are stay-at-home and it drives me nuts. I remember and adore my own preschool and wanted something great for G. He is in a good place but it is not the preschools of his buds. We did not do a first day of preschool photo shoot like all the supermoms I saw on GMA this morning.

    But our kids are smart and tough and adaptive. And I’ve seen several kids in fancy 3 hour preschools fall apart when presented with full day kindergarten. They will rock it. G will be the paramedic doin the rescue and driving the ambulance and T will take over from there. Because wherever they are, they are their awesome selves.

    • lisasff says:

      You’re right! Our kids are awesome, and they will always be, where ever they are!

      Next year, we may have her do the pre-k program at the day care. This year, we really can’t afford it. She’s pretty good at her letters and very good with her numbers, colors and shapes. I’m sure she’ll be ok. I’m sure she’ll not miss out on a “first day” picture. I’ll definitely be doing one for Kindergarten, though! Those moms were very crazy about the pics – man, the one with the chalk? wow.

  3. jessie says:

    Holland is in a preschool class AT his daycare, and he’ll do pre-k there too. Does your daycare do something similar? If not maybe you could find one that does?

    • lisasff says:

      Jessie, our daycare does do a pre-k program, but it’s kinda expensive. They also have some free classes, that we’ve asked to have her in, and they do work on letters and concepts and things in the general class, so she is getting some education. It’s just not a “pre-school” per se.

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