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August 19, 2012

on August 19, 2012


Sunflowers are doing great, getting bigger, heavier. The slow-pokes are even in bloom, just not as tall. Our visit to the flowers today showed me that all the rain we’ve gotten lately has made a bit of work for me. I need to go out and weed!

Yesterday was a great day, all in all, but today was the king of day that makes you question having kids. Well, at least the first one. I’m joking, sort of. She was like Damien’s more evil sister. So not the little girl we were rewarding on Friday for making an entire week without her pacifier. And not like the big girl I took shopping at the craft store for Halloween craft supplies.

Today was the kind of day that you pull bed time up by as much time as you can, damn the possible consequences for the next morning. Tomorrow will be a clean slate, unlike today. Today, I feel like a piece of paper that’s been scribbled on so much, so hard, that there are holes all over.

I know she’ll be better tomorrow, she has to be. I’m pretty sure l’ll be.


5 responses to “August 19, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    :-) hang in there…..hate to quote the tired old cliche that Mom used to tell me, but it is so apropo here….she said: “there’ll be days like that, but you’ll have better ones once they are over.” Anything happening with Ashlin that Teagan might feel left out??? Just thinking why she would be so ‘bad’ after such a ‘good’ week.

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you. I do *know* that, just sometimes, in the middle of it, it’s hard to remember. I do have to say, we don’t have too many days, she’s usually a pretty good kid. Maybe she does feel a bit left out, with Ashlin beginning to use real words and talk. So hard to find the right balance of praise for one and attention for the other.

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