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August 14, 2012 ~ corkscrew

on August 14, 2012

Look who is using a spoon! And can almost load it herself!

Watching signing time yesterday, she tried to sing along with the alphabet song. She’d get a bit stuck, and G was her favorite letter. She now walks up to you, asking to be picked up, ” Up. Up. Up. Up.”. She also asks for books, ” book-a, book? Book.”. She’ll kick her feet and clap her hands when we read Barnyard Dance, put her finger in the holes eaten by the Hungry caterpillar. She will echo a moo, baa, and woof, will roar like a lion on request.

So much is changing, growing, becoming less baby. She has at least one new tooth, maybe a second lower molar.

She also was given an awesome hairdo at daycare, with four little piggy tails all over her head. My favorite one curled up into a lovely corkscrew. I hope her curls stay for a bit more!

2 responses to “August 14, 2012 ~ corkscrew

  1. Kat says:

    She is definitely growing up faster….and again, “my reasoning” is that she has a sibling to copy from. Sometimes that gives the younger one a faster learning track than she would if she was the first child. My sister said I was the ultimate copy cat!! I had an older brother and an older sister so I got lots of chances to copy….not all good ones. LOL. I love the hair do too. She does have quite some curls.

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, I do think that there’s something valid in that. She looks up to her sister, and does try to do what Teagan does. But I also think that some of it is familiarity. Like the second time you drive somewhere new seems to take less time than the first time.

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