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August 11, 2012

on August 11, 2012


Tonight on the way home from the nearly monthly trip for haircuts, Teagan told me jokes. “Mama,” she said, “I tell you a joke.” I distractedly answer, “ok, tell me a joke.”. I was driving on the parkway, and it was dusk, with deer hiding just off the shoulders, just waiting to jump out.

“A chicken ate a burdh (bird), and then him ate a wiggly worm, and then a ladybug. His tummy farted, so him ate a carrot.”

Um. What?

“Teagan, that’s an awesome joke!”

PS. She went in the pool alone today, with goggles and a life-vest! My big brave girl!


2 responses to “August 11, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    LOL I’ll have to remember to eat a carrot more often. :-) I thought it started off very well…you know, the joke about a bird, a worm, and a ladybug go into this bar. HA HA HA…. BTW….the ballet swimming won’t be far behind the goggles and life-vest.. You go Teagan!!

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