What to muse about today?

August 9, 2012


It’s story time!  Tonight I did the play/dinner/book/bed routine alone as Stu was driving home from Jersey.  The girls were tired, but generally good.  Ashlin toddled around with sidewalk chalk, rubbing them in her hair, saying bubba! bubba! while Teagan blew lots of bubbles.  Each girl devoured nearly two whole eggs.  Each!  Bedtime came a bit early, they were both so tired, but not until they finished off the cherries.  I know it wasn’t a pound of cherries, but man, they both had hollow legs tonight.  I’m sure that the cherries will be an issue tomorrow with Ashlin.  And we’re out of bananas!

In the hopes of appeasing Teagan while I got Ashlin down for the night, she got to choose how the bedtime routine would go.  Her choice was pj’s for her first, then have me read a book to both her and Ashlin, in her room.  Teagan would be left with books while I took Ashlin to her room to finish her off for the night. Then, if she was good, Teagan could pick another book, and I’d read her one last story, all by herself.

Ashlin is fascinated by Teagan’s toddler bed, so that made the whole thing easy.  And she’s also quick to initiate hugs with her older sister.  Teagan isn’t quite sure about the reversal, but she does like getting hugs.  It’s awesome.

They were both good while I read “The Ducking Has a Cookie,” Teagan leaning forward, interested in the book, and Ashlin pointed and tried to say duck.   While putting Ashlin down, Teagan was very good, so got her reward.  She ended up picking a counting board book, so I had her count.

We all had a great bedtime.  We may need to try reading books to the two of them again tomorrow.