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July 29, 2012

on July 29, 2012
Darth Piñata

Darth Piñata

We went to a birthday party today.  A party on the beach.  Teagan was so excited to go, she said it was “magical.”  The drive out was filled with words like “magic” and “sand” and “cupcakes.”

The weather wasn’t the best at the beginning of the party, you could see the storm roll in, but we changed Teagan into her suit and let her play in the rain.  Ashlin, well, we kept her in her dress, but let her play for a bit too, but then distracted her with goldfish.

After the rain cleared up, the kids ran through puddles. Teagan danced in the puddle.


We couldn’t keep Ashlin out of the puddle, once she saw the boys and her sister frolicking in it.


Soon, the water play had to end, it was cake time! Cupcakes for everyone!


Ashlin really enjoyed hers, dantily shoving it in her face with both hands. Teagan, well, has a bit more practice, and allowed herself to look around.


Once the cupcakes were devoured, it was piñata time! Teagan has never seen a piñata, nor been at a party with one, so she had no idea what to do.


Stu told her to pull her ribbon, along with the other kids. It was a slow opening piñata, needing a bit of adult encouragement to release the treats. Teagan wasn’t sure what to do with the treats that fell down, so didn’t scramble for them like the other kids. As the kids drifted away, one very sweet little girl gave Teagan some snacks from the Darth piñata.

Afterward, Teagan was talking to Stu about the piñata. She asked “who him?” “What him name?” Stu told her his name was Darth Vader. Again, “who him?” “Well, he’s a dark lord of the Sith.” “Him have candy in him head.”

9 responses to “July 29, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Looked like a great party. I love the pinata idea with ribbons and not dangerous ‘bats’…however, the Darth head??? I assume it was a ‘boy’s’ party. I bet Teagan will know what to do next time. So many parties are now doing cupcakes…less waste and eaiser serving. Great idea too.

    • lisasff says:

      Kat, it was an awesome party! Even with the rain :D

      The pinata was great! It looked fantastic. I’ve been to parties with the ribbons and not bats, and well, with this crew, ribbons were totally the way to go :) Even though we did explain to Teagan what to do, she kinda froze up, not realizing how fast everyone was going to jump in. Next time, she’ll rock!

      I totally love doing cupcakes. I need to get fancy like the ones yesterday, they were filled and everything!

  2. Kris A says:

    I have never had a pinata, either ribbon or traditional, that didn’t need adult help! They are indestructible!!! One of my favorite memories is Thomas’ 5th birthday. We had a a regular pinata that we were going to bundle up the kids to do outside (December bday) but it was sleeting. Rich, brave man, held the thing in our living room while 7 5 yr old boys hit at it with a bat!!I thought for sure he’d be singing soprano by the 3rd hit, but luckily, he is still a tenor!!

    • lisasff says:

      I’ll have to remember that they always need adult assistance :D I remember making one when I was young, and I think it wrapped it too well. LOL I think we needed a saw to get into it :D

      I’m sure you’re glad Rich still sings tenor :D

  3. Kate says:

    Ha ha awesome. Again, great pics! I didn’t think to do a pinata explanation, oops! I was pleasantly surprised that he picked this one over the Cars and Buzz Lightyear pinata options at the store, as much as I do love Pixar. And I love that Teagan goes into it thinking Darth has a candy head. Awesome.

    • lisasff says:

      Kate, the Darth Pinata was majorly awesome! It looked so cool! And please, no worries! Both Steve and Stu explained what to do. She just didn’t realize how fast the other kids – seems like they had done it before – would be. She’s also not really “pushy” either. Then she didn’t know what to pick up. LOL! One little girl was so sweet and gave her a fruit snack and a bag of goldfish. So nice of her.

      Every time she’ll see Darth Vader from now on, Teagan will say “him have candy in him head.” So awesome. She didn’t remember him from her Star Wars A-Z book, but now he’ll always have candy. LOL!

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