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July 26, 2012

on July 26, 2012

20120726-212755.jpgI didn’t get to do my weekly sunflower update last week.  It was a bit crazy.  And sad.

Anyway, I had taken a picture before I left Wednesday, but went out Tuesday or Wednesday to see how big they had gotten.  I was quite surprised, they were HUGE!  Well.  Not huge in the six foot tall sense, but huge in that they seemed to go from 5-6 inches tall to two feet-ish tall.

Tonight, we sat in the drive way a bit, I listened to Teagan tell me that I would get a pink car if a tree fell on mine like the truck [on the way to day care] and if the tree falls on dada’s car he would get a purple one.  When she was done giving everyone in the family a car like Oprah, I suggested we go look at the sunflowers.  She hadn’t seen them in at least two weeks, as some of the excitement had fled, and I had been watering them after she went to bed.  She still is a goldfish.

20120726-212802.jpgShe dashed from the car, ran to the flowerbed, and laughed when she saw them.  They weren’t the wimpy seedlings she remembered, they were as tall as she was when she knelt by them.  She touched the leaves, looked under them, laughing.  She was fascinated by the shamrocks growing underneath, calling them baby sunflowers.  I gently corrected her.  Listening to her try to say “shamrock” was fun, she rolled the word over in her mouth a few times before she moved back to the sunflower leaves.

Once she was done with the sunflowers, which was after only a few minutes, she started to dash off to the fishpond to look at the fish.  She doesn’t know that they’ve all died.  I’m not sure if we’ll be able to keep that secret much longer, but I’ll try.  Death is still something she doesn’t understand.  She kept asking why my friend’s ears had fallen off when we told her that her “aunt” was sad.  I successfully distracted her with the promise of a cheese sandwich.

If only it was so easy.


5 responses to “July 26, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Yah on the growth of the sunflowers. They have really gotten ‘huge’…LOL I can’t wait to see the flower!! And explaining death to a toddler is definitely a challenge. I don’t have any advise, other than to be as honest as possible and answer questions when they arise {{{{hugs}}}

    • lisasff says:

      I can’t wait for a flower either!! I haven’t tried to grow sunflowers for a while, myself.

      And yeah. We probably didn’t explain death well, but she really doesn’t understand much either. She hasn’t asked in a few days, so it may be out of sight out mind.

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