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July 15, 2012

on July 15, 2012

Ashlin at the water park

Seeing Ashlin so happy to play in the sprinkler last weekend at the play place, I went hunting through Google for any type of plans, tips, hints for building our own PVC sprinkler.

I found it!  And it was super easy!

After lunch, we loaded up the girls and shopping.  One of Teagan’s favorite stores to go to is Home Depot.  We got the parts and headed back.  While the girls had their second nap/quiet time Stu and I and made a sprinkler.  It was easy!  Well, except we got the PCV to hose adapter with the male end, not a female end.  Since the girls were still down/quiet, I ran out and got an adapter.

We had gotten 5 foot PVC pipes, so only needed to cut one around the middle, with a little extra taken off for the T-Joint.  Then we used PVC glue and glued the three sides and elbows together.


Gluing the pipes and elbows

After that, we glued the T-joint and the hose adapter.  We put a little angle to the T-Joint to make it easier to attach the hose.


Glued T-Joint and hose adapter

Once the cement was dry, Stu drilled some holes, at varying angles every four inches or so.  We thought we’d try it out and add more holes if we needed.  Better to have too few than too many and it not having enough water pressure to work.


Drilling holes

So, we tried to hook it up, but only had a male ended hose and the male ended hose adapter.  Once I came back with the female hose connector, we got it all hooked up and turned on the water!  Oh, please ignore the extra dry grass – we haven’t used the sprinklers much as Ashlin doesn’t really like the standard one…



Full strength water was fun!  It was 12 feet (at least!) high!  Ashlin probably won’t be happy with that, but it was nice to know.


Full power water

With the water at just under 25%, we got the nice arcs that pleased Ashlin so.


Lower water power is key

Unfortunately, the weather turned thundery as we finished, before they woke up/got tired of reading, so we didn’t get to show them our new handy-work.  Maybe after day care one night.  If Teagan’s good.

I hope she’s good.  I can’t wait!


3 responses to “July 15, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Woohoo is right. The girls will have a blast. I bet if you ease the water pressure up a little at a time, they’ll love the high water soon enough. LOL….and of course, the mom and dad can enjoy it as well. Love that you guys sought out the project for home. And tell Teagan, Home Depot is my favorite store too. Seems like we are in there every other day….sometimes twice a day. HA HA.

    • lisasff says:

      He he he! We’ll have to see how Ashlin
      does with the water as we try. She did not like the normal oscillating sprinkler, even Teagan needed some encouragement to run through at first. Watching both girls enjoy this one last weekend made me take note and look around. It’s so hard to not want to make them happy.

  2. […] for a bit.  When that started getting a bit tired, or the girls got argumentative, I suggested the sprinkler.  I really wanted to use it today […]

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