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July 9, 2012

on July 9, 2012

Teagan decided to cap off her weekend of living dangerously by doing the most feared things of all – drinking directly from the garden hose.  I’m not sure where she got the idea, or who taught her, or even when.  But yesterday, as I was putting the hose away, she begged me for a drink from the hose.

I let her.  I remember loving being able to drink from the hose.  That cold, cold water that came from the hose as dad was hooking up the sprinkler, or mom watered the plants.  If you tried to drink the water after the hose was laying around, it would be just hot and gross.  You needed to wait just a little bit to be sure to get that cold and delicious water.

How could I deny her that treat?

I guess it’s not really that big a deal, we’re on city water, and we don’t really use pesticides on the yard.  It’s probably better than drinking the bathwater.  Or the pool water.

Earlier in the weekend she had a swim lesson, and she rocked it.  Swam the entire length of the pool. Well, kicked, but still.  She was eager to go in, and was a good listener and tried to do everything the instructor asked.  So heartwarming to watch, I was so proud, and amazed at how big she really has gotten.

Later in the day, she got to go swimming again.  Stu had taken the girls to a friend’s house while my friends and I went to visit my friend in the hospital.  She would go from the hot tub, grab a ring float, put it on and then jump in the pool.  Back and forth.  Stu was in the pool and would throw her, make her giggle, and then help her out.  Rinse, repeat.  Well, one time, she forgot her float.  Jumped in the pool and sank.  She didn’t know enough to push off the bottom, to move her arms.  One of the husbands saw this, and was just about to jump in when Stu was able to get over to her and pull her up.  She sputtered and coughed, very unhappy.  Stu quickly turned it into a joke – “why did you forget your awesome float?  You don’t have enough fat on you to float yourself!” – or something along those lines.  Quickly enough, she was over it, jumping in again.

She will have swim lessons until she can swim well enough to not have that happen again.  We will do everything we can to not have that happen again.  We will also be super vigilant, just in case fun gets in the way of safety again.  In a way, I’m glad I wasn’t there.  I’m not sure I could be so nonchalant about it if I was there.

It wasn’t anyone’s oversight.  It was one of those things, one that turned out well, thankfully.  Stu was right there in the pool.  Two or three other adults were right there on the deck.  The ring float was right there where Teagan left it last cycle.  It’s not even really Teagan’s fault.  She got so excited, and was having so much fun, she forgot one tiny step, the step to put on the float.

She’s fine, and was running and playing in the water later that afternoon, asking about swim lessons that night, asking to go back to Aunties pool again tomorrow.  We went to a play place Sunday, and she played in the water, even went down the big slide all by herself…  and then once with dada.  I’m not sure she enjoyed either trip.

Stu seems fine too.

Anyway, I’m off to find out sign ups for the next session of swim lessons!


13 responses to “July 9, 2012

  1. Mechugna says:

    Cheryl commented on your post.

    Cheryl wrote: “since when is drinking from the garden hose ‘the most feared thing’? i still do it! go Teagan!”

    • lisasff says:

      In the age of bottled water and hypoallergenic everything… it’s not exactly encouraged :)

      • Jim says:

        Jim A* commented on your post.

        Jim wrote: “All that hypoallergenic crap is going to be the demise of the human race”

        • Mechugna says:

          Cheryl commented on your post.

          Cheryl wrote: “I’m with Jim. How did we survive our childhoods??”

        • lisasff says:

          Jim, I totally agree with you!

          No need to go into how the purified spring water is often just tap water waved by a filter and the plastic bottle waste… oh… we’re doomed!

  2. Kat says:

    hahA….the hose was our main source of water during our playtime outside. Too busy to go indoors to get a drink!! The episode at friends pool was bound to happen sometime and yes, it was good to know that adults were watching and quickly responded. I’m sure Ms. Teagan won’t forget the float again…or at least until she kicks butt again in swim classes. You’re smart to get them trained now as young as they are. It will definitely give you a better peace of mind later on down the road. The expression on her face w/Stu is priceless…it’s fun..no it’s scary, it’s fun, no it’s scary.. I love it!!

    • lisasff says:

      For us too! He he he… I don’t think my mom would let us back in the house for a real drink :D

      I’m also sure that the pool incident would have happened sooner or later… we’ve been lucky – in a way – that we aren’t around pools too much. She’s looking forward very much for her next lesson, and I think she may pay a bit more attention this time too.

      Teagan did the big slide once, when I was out by the car. I think she went so fast and hard into the bottom it kinda freaked her out, so she didn’t really want to do it again. I think she felt she had to, after Ashlin did it :D Ashlin was a trooper too, and I think she liked it a lot… I have it on video, as well as Teagan’s trip. As we were leaving, Teagan said she wanted to go down again. I’m sure we’ll get out there again this summer, and she’ll have her chance then!

  3. Kris A says:

    Thomas counldn’t be trusted around water starting at 18 months which is how he got early swim lessons. He was fearless (and still is!!) and would jump in all the time. If I was waiting to catch him, he would try to jump just out of my reach because he didn’t want my help. Katie hated getting her face wet. It wasn’t until he was in the swim lesson level right below hers (he was 4, she was 8) that she decided to take the plunge. Shame and peer pressure did it for her!!

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, I remember your kids. Thomas with no fear, totally excited about swimming. Katie, well, I tried to help her get her face in a few times when I came down to visit.

      We’ll have to see how she is around a pool again, if she listens or not. If she pushes or not, if she’s fearless or not. I think she’s going to be a bit more cautious for a little bit. Ashlin, well, she was being held and kept away from the edge of the pool… I have a feeling she’s going to give us the run for our money. She’s a climber, totally fearless and unaware of gravity.

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  6. […] July 9, 2012 (lisasff.wordpress.com) Sharing is good:StumbleUponDiggRedditTwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

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