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July 4, 2012

on July 4, 2012

20120704-205607.jpgHappy Fourth of July! Let’s share a few firsts. Teagan shucked her first ears of corn today. She was such a big help, getting all the husks of f, and even some of the silk.  Asking why the entire time.  Why can’t we eat the husks?  Why are there silk?  Why not eat the stem?  Can I have it now?  Eventually, she got two of the four ears done for me.  And was so happy to be helpful.  She was so excited and eager to eat the ear of corn she ended up licking an ear before I could stop her!


Ashlin had her first ear of corn. She’s always been a fan of corn, frozen corn that is. Until today, she’s never had an actual ear of corn.  She was a bit confused about how she should eat it, sucking on the two ends first, but she eventually got an effective bit down, and was able to eat about half the kernels off the cob.  She got super excited when I cut the rest off, signing “more” while I was getting some on a fork for her.


Teagan dug right in.


Though she needed a bit of prompting to actually finish eating her half ear. But then again, that’s par for the course with her at meal times it seems. Unless there are pancakes. We can’t eat pancakes all the time, so, yes, we coax and prod her to finish her small plate. A plate that has less than half the food that Ashlin eats while hardly stopping to breathe.

Granted, the mojito I had for an appetizer helped a lot!



6 responses to “July 4, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Awesome photos!! The one she licked probably was the best. LOL –Thought I would share this:

    I have a recipe for corn on the cob that is so easy and doesn’t makes a big mess. The shucking comes after the cooking w/ease. Cut the end off (above where it was attached to stalk). Leave silk and husk. Place in a container with water enough to cover ears, let soak at least 20 minutes before cooking (or more). Take ears from water and place on microwave safe plate, cover with either the microwave ‘dome’ or damp paper towel and microwave on high for 3 ears 5-6 min. 4- 7-8 min., 6- 8-9 min. If you have more than that of course do in shifts. Turn ears over at mid cycle. Once done, carefully (we use oven mitts to do this part) hold the ear by the silk end and shake ear….it should slide out the end that you cut. Silk is minimal, in fact, havven’t had to pick any that I’m aware of after the method. Then butter, salt/pepper and put cover over or wrap in foil until ready to serve. Yummmmmyyyyy

    • lisasff says:

      I was so happy that I had the camera in my had then!

      Will need to try out your recipe! I would love to not have boiled the water in the house this week! I did them the fool-proof way, boil the water, put the corn in and when it comes back to a boil take it off the heat and leave the ears in until you finish getting stuff on the table. Turns out perfect, not overcooked, not undercooked. Yum!

      • Kat says:

        Yep…that was the way I did it for years. This other is so easy too. AND you don’t have to worry about a pot of boiling hot water around the kids. :-)

        • lisasff says:

          I’ll have to try this way. It’s always a bit “crazy” making pasta when they’re around. Neither one will keep their hands off the front, and sometimes top, of the stove!

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