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July 29, 2012

Darth Piñata

Darth Piñata

We went to a birthday party today.  A party on the beach.  Teagan was so excited to go, she said it was “magical.”  The drive out was filled with words like “magic” and “sand” and “cupcakes.”

The weather wasn’t the best at the beginning of the party, you could see the storm roll in, but we changed Teagan into her suit and let her play in the rain.  Ashlin, well, we kept her in her dress, but let her play for a bit too, but then distracted her with goldfish.

After the rain cleared up, the kids ran through puddles. Teagan danced in the puddle.


We couldn’t keep Ashlin out of the puddle, once she saw the boys and her sister frolicking in it.


Soon, the water play had to end, it was cake time! Cupcakes for everyone!


Ashlin really enjoyed hers, dantily shoving it in her face with both hands. Teagan, well, has a bit more practice, and allowed herself to look around.


Once the cupcakes were devoured, it was piñata time! Teagan has never seen a piñata, nor been at a party with one, so she had no idea what to do.


Stu told her to pull her ribbon, along with the other kids. It was a slow opening piñata, needing a bit of adult encouragement to release the treats. Teagan wasn’t sure what to do with the treats that fell down, so didn’t scramble for them like the other kids. As the kids drifted away, one very sweet little girl gave Teagan some snacks from the Darth piñata.

Afterward, Teagan was talking to Stu about the piñata. She asked “who him?” “What him name?” Stu told her his name was Darth Vader. Again, “who him?” “Well, he’s a dark lord of the Sith.” “Him have candy in him head.”


July 28, 2012

Drink time! Today Teagan had a play date with a friend from day care.  I had hoped to pull out the sprinkler and have all the girls play on the lawn. When it started storming this morning, I got a little worried, but the rain stopped and it dried up enough.

I had mentioned about possible water play to the mom, so her daughter was ready!  After the two screamed their greeting, we went into the play room for a bit.  When that started getting a bit tired, or the girls got argumentative, I suggested the sprinkler.  I really wanted to use it today :D

After all three girls got changed, and Stu turned it on, the bigger girls started playing around, running up to it and dashing away.  Ashlin, at first didn’t want anything to do with it, she had more fun just running around.  Stu turned the water pressure down a bit, and Ashlin went in. Yay sprinkler!

And she drank.  A lot.  And laughed.  And Teagan laughed, and tried to drink too.

There was much cavorting!

Once Ashlin decided she was done, the girls raced through the sprinkler, one on each side of the hose.  Again, but on opposite sides.

Then, Stu turned it up full.  Teagan’s friend played in the mist, while Teagan tried going in.  After a few attempts, she decided it hurt too much, but was still fun to try.


July 27, 2012

20120727-214700.jpgAshlin loves her sister.

This morning, Teagan woke up first.  Not the normal routine, but one that worked just fine.  After the noisy alarm went to the bathroom and got dressed, her sister woke up.  Teagan and I went in to Ashlin’s room to get her.  As I was looking for an outfit for Ashlin, Teagan went up to the crib and Ashlin leaned over and give her a huge hug.

Teagan loved it.  She’s usually the one initiating hugs, that are often accompanied with tears thanks to her over-enthusiasm.  When I asked if she’d move back in, Teagan did quickly, she really enjoyed getting a hug from her sister.  She was more than eager for a second hug.  Ashlin, true to her sweet nature, hugged on cue.  I’m so glad I usually have my phone with me, to be able to catch a blurry shot of sisterly love.

It was a good morning.


PS.  We should be able to play in the new sprinkler tomorrow!


July 26, 2012

20120726-212755.jpgI didn’t get to do my weekly sunflower update last week.  It was a bit crazy.  And sad.

Anyway, I had taken a picture before I left Wednesday, but went out Tuesday or Wednesday to see how big they had gotten.  I was quite surprised, they were HUGE!  Well.  Not huge in the six foot tall sense, but huge in that they seemed to go from 5-6 inches tall to two feet-ish tall.

Tonight, we sat in the drive way a bit, I listened to Teagan tell me that I would get a pink car if a tree fell on mine like the truck [on the way to day care] and if the tree falls on dada’s car he would get a purple one.  When she was done giving everyone in the family a car like Oprah, I suggested we go look at the sunflowers.  She hadn’t seen them in at least two weeks, as some of the excitement had fled, and I had been watering them after she went to bed.  She still is a goldfish.

20120726-212802.jpgShe dashed from the car, ran to the flowerbed, and laughed when she saw them.  They weren’t the wimpy seedlings she remembered, they were as tall as she was when she knelt by them.  She touched the leaves, looked under them, laughing.  She was fascinated by the shamrocks growing underneath, calling them baby sunflowers.  I gently corrected her.  Listening to her try to say “shamrock” was fun, she rolled the word over in her mouth a few times before she moved back to the sunflower leaves.

Once she was done with the sunflowers, which was after only a few minutes, she started to dash off to the fishpond to look at the fish.  She doesn’t know that they’ve all died.  I’m not sure if we’ll be able to keep that secret much longer, but I’ll try.  Death is still something she doesn’t understand.  She kept asking why my friend’s ears had fallen off when we told her that her “aunt” was sad.  I successfully distracted her with the promise of a cheese sandwich.

If only it was so easy.



July 22, 2012 ~ Sharing

Today at the pool, Teagan shared.  She shared her Trail Mix with PopPop.  First, she would pick one piece from her cup – LaLa put a handful in a cup, because Teagan ate all the M&M’s from the bowl yesterday – and then take a bite.  She would then pass PopPop the uneaten half to finish.  Unless it was an M&M.  She would eat all of that.

My girl is so silly!


July 19, 2012

Arrrr. Happy birthday to me!

PS. Teagan picked the card out.


July 18, 2012

Today is the first day away from my baby. Today was her 15th month doctor appointment. She’s 20 pounds 12.6 ounces. Still in the 10th but not quite 15th percentile. She’s on a steady curve, so doctor isn’t worried about her. I need to try to give her more milk fat – ask daycare what type of milk she gets there, and see if it’s at least 2%.

She’s grown one inch – as they measure – in three months, a little on the small side, she dropped a percentile, but they know that they didn’t get s really good measure.
Ashlin showed the doctor her belly, where her nose was, pointed to the books, waved hi, did a little dance, and tried to climb the exam table. One ear looked a bit red, but not enough to need to do anything about it. We just need to watch it. Still on 10 teeth, with two working their way out…

She screamed for her shots, but waved to the PA as we left, so did great there. Driving back to day care, she peeled off her band aids and handed them to me. Such a neat girl!

Miss her. Miss them.


July 17, 2012

Teagan’s new favorite song. And Ashlin’s too!

Stu noticed that Ashlin was rocking out in her seat during the drive to day care the other day. I’ve also seen her enjoy – with enthusiasm – this song. So cute. Much like the snippet of her rocking to Electric Guest, she’ll dance in her seat to Metronomy.

The song came on with all of us in the car, driving home from day care. Stu said that Ashlin liked the song, look at her dance. Teagan was a bit upset that Ashlin liked the song, she also like the song, and only one person can like it at a time. She wanted to like it, but couldn’t if Ashlin did. She started getting upset. Stu and I said that we both liked the song too. And that we were two people liking the same song. More than one person can like a song at a time. It could happen. Really. What about Bohemian Rhapsody? Lots of people like that one.

Teagan then declares that the song was her favorite, and Ashlin’s favorite, and Dada’s favorite and Mama’s favorite. All ones favorite.

Not bad.


PS. My friend passed away late Sunday night. It’s sad and it’s unfair. He will be missed.


July 15, 2012

Ashlin at the water park

Seeing Ashlin so happy to play in the sprinkler last weekend at the play place, I went hunting through Google for any type of plans, tips, hints for building our own PVC sprinkler.

I found it!  And it was super easy!

After lunch, we loaded up the girls and shopping.  One of Teagan’s favorite stores to go to is Home Depot.  We got the parts and headed back.  While the girls had their second nap/quiet time Stu and I and made a sprinkler.  It was easy!  Well, except we got the PCV to hose adapter with the male end, not a female end.  Since the girls were still down/quiet, I ran out and got an adapter.

We had gotten 5 foot PVC pipes, so only needed to cut one around the middle, with a little extra taken off for the T-Joint.  Then we used PVC glue and glued the three sides and elbows together.


Gluing the pipes and elbows

After that, we glued the T-joint and the hose adapter.  We put a little angle to the T-Joint to make it easier to attach the hose.


Glued T-Joint and hose adapter

Once the cement was dry, Stu drilled some holes, at varying angles every four inches or so.  We thought we’d try it out and add more holes if we needed.  Better to have too few than too many and it not having enough water pressure to work.


Drilling holes

So, we tried to hook it up, but only had a male ended hose and the male ended hose adapter.  Once I came back with the female hose connector, we got it all hooked up and turned on the water!  Oh, please ignore the extra dry grass – we haven’t used the sprinklers much as Ashlin doesn’t really like the standard one…



Full strength water was fun!  It was 12 feet (at least!) high!  Ashlin probably won’t be happy with that, but it was nice to know.


Full power water

With the water at just under 25%, we got the nice arcs that pleased Ashlin so.


Lower water power is key

Unfortunately, the weather turned thundery as we finished, before they woke up/got tired of reading, so we didn’t get to show them our new handy-work.  Maybe after day care one night.  If Teagan’s good.

I hope she’s good.  I can’t wait!


July 14, 2012

Today… In pictures.


It’s pink! And lellow!!


Pink Vulcan


Screaming Butterfly!






Carousel cat


Scary pirate ship


Up! Up! Up!


Sisters on a swing


Nice horsey


Tired butterfly