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June 19, 2012

on June 19, 2012

“You an angel momma.” My preschooler greeted me at the door, followed by a big hug.  One of the best ways to come home after a day at work.  After the love and sweetness she quickly asked “Can I have one?”  She wanted one of the Angel Wings I had gotten for a treat and left on the counter in eyesight.  Even though she was home sick, she had eaten pretty well.  “Ok.  One,” as a put a small piece on a plate.  “At the table please.”  Compliance was almost a guarantee, for two minutes, as she was excited with her treat.  To keep her there, Stu needed to turn the movie off.  They were watching Peter Pan, with Teagan was following along with her Little Golden Book.

She was definitely feeling better.

Stu had been keeping me informed with little bits of their day, that she napped, cried before the nap that she didn’t want, went to the store, watched movies.

Turns out that she is not deaf, she does listen, and actually hear some of the stuff we tell her.  And she remembers it too.

Yesterday, after I picked her up from day care, we watched Booty and Beast, aka Beauty & the Beast.  The first scene with the Beast always – still – scares her a bit, and she snuggled up.  I said something, a throw away line about how he was ugly on the outside and the inside.  A bit later, during Gaston’s song, she said “him not nice.”  “No, sweetie, he’s pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside, like the Beast, but the Beast learns what’s important, which is being pretty on the inside, and that breaks the witches spell, and makes him pretty on the outside too.”  I really hadn’t thought she heard the conversation, let alone understand it.

Stu and she were watching Booty and Beast today, and she tells him that “him look like a man, but him beast too.”   Reading that update made my heart sing.  So happy.  She’s such a sweet girl.


6 responses to “June 19, 2012

  1. Kat says:

    Yep, big ears for sure…they hear things they aren’t suppose to too. :-)

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah, it’s kinda neat, considering we thought she wasn’t listening at all :)

      Today Stu was saying that as they were driving to the store he called out “Punch buggy!” She then said “looks like a ladybug!” She recalled it from the conversation we had the day before, as well. Driving past a red beetle for sale on the side of the road, I said “Punch buggy!”
      “Well, it looks like a bug, a ladybug, as this is a red one.”
      “No it doesn’t”
      “Well, imagine black spots on it, does it look like a lady bug then?”
      “Ok. Why?”
      “Why what?”
      “Why it red?”
      “The owner wanted it red”
      “Maybe red is his favorite color. What’s your favorite color?”

      There you have it.

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