What to muse about today?

June 14, 2012


Poison ivy sucks. Although I’ve been super-exposed before, I’ve never actually had the itchy rash before.  Somehow, I was always able to wash the urushiol oil off fast enough.  Before the rash started.

This time, I wasn’t so lucky.  Scratch.

We have a ton of poison ivy in our yard.  With the babies (yes, my preschooler is still a baby!) around, I wanted to try to get as much of it out of  the heavier traveled areas.  I even pulled out (or so I thought!) a rosebush from the front flower bed because of it.  Thankfully, the rose grew back.

This year, I’ve hit three or four spots in the yard that Teagan continually wanders into.  Not all of it can be sprayed with poison ivy killer.  So, it’s been fifteen, maybe twenty minutes of pulling poison ivy vines out followed by a thorough wash and then shower.  Lucky for me, no rash, no itch.

Last week, I lost track of time, and must have been weeding much longer.  Too long.  The wash and shower trick didn’t work this time.  Five days later, I’m itching to high heaven.  Both forearms have been itchy, horribly itchy, for a week now.  Sometimes I think it’s not getting any better, just more itchy.  Then I see my wrist, and can see that it is going down, better.  Less itchy. Two days ago, I was very close to calling the doctor to see if I could get a steroid, or something, anything, to help.  Now, I think I may be through the worst of it.  Thankfully.

Unfortunately, there is still more poison ivy to pull.  I’ll just be sure to have long sleeves on.  And set a timer.